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God bless you beloved. Children only become accountable at the age of 12. Any child below that, God cannot hold accountable for their lives.
Here is what the Prophet said about babies and young children:

59 I know your question now, “Eve said, ‘I have gotten a man from the Lord.'” That’s exactly right.
60 You could take the orneriest woman in the town, the worst man; if they had a baby, it would have to come from the Lord, because God has laws set together. And these laws, like the sun to raise; you put a cocklebur in a good field, it’ll grow. And it has to grow, because it’s God’s law. When seed is planted, it must grow. And nothing can grow life but God, because it operates under His laws. Therefore when the evil seed was planted in the womb of–of Eve, it had to bring forth, because it’s God’s law of production. And it could do nothing else but bring it, and it had to come from God.
61 That’s the reason that people say, “Little babies,” sometime, “that’s not born with Christian parents, are lost.”
62 Jesus Christ’s Blood atones for the child, I don’t care how much it was born and how evil it was born. He is the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. The little child cannot repent, because it has nothing to repent for, and that was the sin of the world which was taken away by the Blood of Christ. Babies go to Heaven.

347 † 40. Brother Branham, when this rapture takes place… When the rapture takes place, will the young children that do not know right from wrong go in the rapture?
If their names are on the Book. Yes. That’s right. See? All right.