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Shalom Beloved Saints. Well, today we were fellowshipping on the following questions:
1. If Melchizedec was theophany (Word Body) how come He broke bread and took communion with Abraham since we know that a theophany can neither handle nor eat?
The answer was that Melchizedec is God en morphe, that is, God who changes masks putting on the mask of theophany (Word Body) yet still being God, able to do
whatsoever He wants, as He did when He put on flesh as the Lord Jesus, another mask. So, basically, we cannot apply the concept of theophany on Him (God en
morphe) the same
way we apply it to ourselves, He is KING THEOPHANY, to begin with, not just a theophany, and unlike Him, we bypassed our own theophanies.
2. In Revelation 10:6, we read how John was forbidden to write what the the seven thunders had uttered, does this mean that the Bible is incomplete?
The answer was the Bible is complete and what John was forbidden to write is the interpretation of what the seven thunders uttered, things which are already
contained in the Bible in the form of the seven Seals (Revelation 6:1-17 and 8:1). Nothing is to be added or subtracted from the Bible (Revelation 22:19).

HOMEWORK: Explain what “Mystery Babylon” is and why it is called so. Your answer should be not less than 1 page and you must support your answer with Scriptures and quotations of Bro Branham.

God bless you all.