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Sister Sindi


I would like to believe that we are all well by the grace of God, I do appreciate your respond over the matter I posted above,

My take on the matter is that I do not agree with the claim that an Apostle is one that has seen the lord Jesus Christ on his earthly ministry over 2000 years ago. We are in the Holy Ghost dispensation.The Holy Ghost is the lord. The word of God is the God(John1:1-) and God is the lord Jesus,as long as those are in operation we should have witnesses and these are the Apostles or what we call missionaries today.

I’ll give my personal input but solidly based on what the scriptures and the prophet has taught. We see that an Apostle, or Apostles were men that were witnesses of the lord Jesus’ ministry, Some saw him and followed Him John 1:37 , others He actually hand picked one by one from their own businesses , told them to follow him John 1:43 and sent them out , in Matthew 10: 2 they are mentioned by names…

Paul met with Him as a pillar of fire on his way to Damascus, now to connect that with the view braught forth by the article I copied and pasted, *sorry for plagiarizing, I left out the references I’m not very patient with technology I shall do better next time by God’s grace…My take personally was that YES an Apostle must be an eye witness of the Lord Jesus’ ministry yet that shouldn’t disqualify those who saw Him in other forms, like the Apostle PAUL saw Him as a pillar of fire or those who experience the new birth in other ages post His earthly ministry in human form.

Brother branham says that there are still Apostles today , 55-0116, p17… Most of us have THE TABLE APP, let’s read the quote please…I’m a bit slow in typing…

He had his own encounters, he also witnessed or saw the lord Jesus as the man who was standing in the air that was in 1933 after his early conversion. we get that from the Supernaturals( chapter 12 from the audio)…
met with the angel of f the lord in 1946 who gave him the commission, now saints I was actually trying to drive a point home, that bro Branham is also an Apostle even with the view presented by that article…he moved with the pillar of fire…he heard a voice from a whirlwind…there are countless encounters that definitely qualify him as an Apostle still…even as was mentioned above how he travelled around the world 7 times and the doctrine of the lord Jesus Christ he brought forth since he based it on “Thus saith the scriptures ” he often said what Paul preaches, he preaches also. In the spoken word “A believer’s position in Christ” bro branham admits that he was sceptical about the baptism of the Holy Ghost move until he experienced it himself perhaps as Paul was on his way to arrest Christians, 55-0116,p19


Ephesians 4:1-
Matthews 10:2-6
John 1: 37-43

55-0116, p16-20 A Believer’s position in Christ

I kindly asking that we read the quotes from “THE TABLE” app please, is there a way to copy and paste from there. It’s a lot of typing…

God bless you saints