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    Takudzwa C. Katurura
    Sunday School 2019 Homework.
    Firstly i would like to apologies to the Sunday School, the Sunday School Superintendent and the Deacons for late submission and not attending some of the Sunday school lessons at the Church through 2019. However, on particular days I managed to attend, I learnt the following.
    1) The Five-Fold Ministry which is a ministry there to feed the Bride according to Ephesians 4:11 awaiting the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. (CHAPTER NINE The Laodicean Church Age Revelation 3:14-22)
    a. The Prophet- a Prophet is a man who the Lord brings His Word to pertaining to that age. A great lesson was leant in that prophets are NOT called or trained but they are foreordained (Romains 11:29). He is regarded as the SEER of visions, and has a direct Word from God (THUS SAITH THE LORD), true prophecy, interpret dreams and above all does not take glory upon himself.
    b. The Pastor-the local elder called upon by the Lord to take care of His sheepfold. He acts as the servant for the people as His calling is a man who cannot take sides but takes care of God’s sheep. The Pastor hold the highest office in the land. 1 Tim 3:1-7 lays out all the qualifications of the Pastor.
    c. The Evangelist (52-0719 – Make The Valley Full Of Ditches pg 35)-very powerful forceful man called upon preaching the Word of God. He will run his messages in cities, streets with the message of calling people out of Babylon.
    d. The Teacher (53-1212 The Inside Man pg64)-a man with a special anointing of God and is able to study the Word and brings it clearly to the sheep through the scripture. He is a man bringing out mysteries of the Bible that the Pastor or the Evangelist cannot bring. He is NOT there to interpret the Word as the Word interprets itself. (2 Tim 3:16)
    e. The Apostle (51-0414 The Angel of the Lord pg 12) they had ministering angels’ the Spoken Word clearly defines that an Apostle is a man sent as a missionary with the Good News who is to set things in order (Position in Christ 55-0116A). A man sent with a commission.
    A clarity was settled especially with the issue pertaining the Morden prophets and the Prophet of the Age, highlighting their duties and responsibilities. The discussion also settled the notion that any man who calls himself a prophet must be a) a SEER of visions, B) speaks what is in the Word c) what he prophecies comes to must d) does not take glory upon himself e) has THUS SAITH THE LORD.
    2) The Office of the Pastor (Hebrews, Chapter Seven #2 pg280)
    The roles, duties, responsibilities, burdens of the Office of the Pastor to the modern believer in these last days. A man who is called to unify the Bride in ONE LORD, ONE FAITH, ONE BAPTISM (Eph 4:5). The Pastor has the highest office to lead the Bride unto perfection (Matthew 5:48). He is there with the gospel of repentance (2 Timothy 4:2-4). He maintains the control of the church through the deacons and the elders who directly report to him.
    3) The Prophet of the Last Age (the end time)
    A Prophet biblically prophesied through Malachi 4 who we believe that he is messenger to forerun the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ before the destruction of the entire world. This Prophet is to restore things before the second coming (Acts 3:20-21)
    4) The office of the Deacons
    A deacon is an elder (spiritual elder) ordained by the Pastor in assisting the running of the whilst reporting to the office of the Pastor. A clear distinction through the Word that clearly highlights a person of a deacon i.e. sober, faithful in all things, found blameless, husbands of one wife, good behaviour (1 Tim 3)
    5) Church order
    A great lesson pertaining to the Church order and conduct. This was clearly distinguishing the Bride church from the denominational churches where there is a lot of disorder in Babylon. Great respect of the Tabernacle of God, not as a place of misconduct or the things of the world but a place of worship. Starting from the quiet time, clear instructions where given where the lessons brings out the element of reverence during Quiet Time.
    6) Quiet Time
    The modern believers even in the Message, you would find them indeed in a quiet mood, queit time yet their mind is somewhere else thinking about what they haed left atr home. People are no longer reverent, sincere during the quet time to m,eet God, but it has become a place where the modern youths can finish their spoken words, sit down and think about their worries they left at home.
    7) Five Musts
    i. It must be his time
    ii. It must be season
    iii. It must be given according to the person He has chosen to do it by
    iv. It must come, first to his prophet
    v. The prophet must be vindicated (65-0718M – Trying To Do God A Service Without Being The will of God)

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