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    Report summary of what we learned/did last year2019

    Topic:What are the five definate identification of the true curch

    According to the spoken word 60-0911e Five Definate Identification of a True Church, the prophet answer a question in a form of question and answer:

    1.what is a church ? The church is not an organization or gathering of people but called out people, separated from denomination or the world to the revealed word of the day, people who are made different to serve in other kingdom, the Mystical Body of christ e.g Israel was not a church stil in Egypt but when God called them out of Egypt, they became a church of God,God being a king and the church his Domain,God’s kingdom Acts 7:30-38
    2.Who set it up? The Lord Jesus, Himself. It wasn’t set up at Rome neither in England, by John Wesley, not a bishop, not the Catholic Church, not Methodist etc but by the Lord Jesus, Himself,the King of Messianic Kingdom through revelation (mat 16:18).
    3.How do I become part of this church? By being in it?How do I get in it? By a baptism, by one Spirit we are all baptized into one Body.By being born again John 3:5,you’re just yourself not put on, that’s when visions, perfect, Holy Spirit works of God, everything is made manifest, because you and Christ become one (paragraph 173-175)
    4.What is it’s Message? Repentance, water baptism, baptisim of the Holy Spirit,Devine healing and Salvation
    Acts 2:37-40, 19:1-6, John 3:5,1 Cori 12:13

    5:How do we become a member of it? You don’t join it, you no way join it. You can’t join it. There’s no way of joining it. You are born into it.By being born into it. I’ve been with the Branhan family, fifty-one years and never did join the family. I was born a Branham. And you are born a son or a daughter of God.

    Tipic: Reading church order Spoken Word
    58-1007 1st paragraph
    Each church has got it’s order, it’s doctrine and desciplane
    Rom 5:1 justified by faith
    Hebrew 13:12 After one is sanctified his sins are purged and the habits are gone.
    1st cori 12:8-11 after sanctified on is set aside for service (to operate in gifts) Water baptism bring us to fellowship to a church or brotherly-hood. The baptism of the Holy Spirit bring us to be one/nembets

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