Preacher: Pastor L.T. Mutasa

Scriptures: Revelation 2:18-23; Luke 21:20-24.



We would like to greet the saints this wonderful evening in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, trusting that we are under expectation to hear from above that which God has lotted for tonight.

May the Lord richly bless you Saints. We certainly deem it a grand privilege to be back again in this kind of atmosphere and we are trusting that every saint is encouraged upon the present Truth and you are soldiering on to see to it that the Word of God will not return to Him void, but It will accomplish whatever It has listed in your life.


God is depending on you, not your neighbour, not your pastor, not your brother or sister to see to it that His Word is accomplished.

The saints old have been waiting for this day, not to see naked women on the streets, but to see men and women that are the embodiment of deity.

What God can do with you and me now He could not do it with Luther, or Wesley, or the Pentecostals. We are the Rapture Generation, a people that will not taste death, but in a moment and in the twinkling of an eye, we will be raptured out of here.


We can never stop to appreciate everybody and the media team who are working hard, spending sleepless nights to make sure the work of God go forward. When God’s gifts find their place, it will be a blessing, but when men try to do God a service without it being the will of God there will be no progress.

We are not confused, but we know what we have believed by the shout which is the Message of the hour.

I feel that we need to go back to the sermons we were having before lockdown because it’s the same inspiration. We are not trying to patch things up.

On 29/10/2019, I preached on THE FORMER AND THE LATER RAIN: THE UNGUARDED MOMENT. I remember we also had the series on JEROBOAM THE EPHRATHITE, THE SON OF NEBAT AND ZERUAH when we had one of the subheading FROM THE GOLDEN CALF SCHEME TO THE DEPTHS OF SATAN. We also had the sermon THE VIALS FOLLOW REJECTION OF THE SEVEN SEALS and we blended everything when we had the COMMUNION series in January of this year.

Now I want to combine everything with what I want to preach tonight. We can tell that something is fixing to happen and from the last quotation I read on Sunday, we are not expecting to get a hint from the things of the world as the world will continue right on.


63-1110E – HE THAT IS IN YOU

My friends, my brother, sister, let’s just be ready, regardless. Let’s just chaste ourself. See? Because, the world will go right on. They’ll never even know it’s happened. When the doors of mercy is closed, preachers will be preaching salvation, be—be causing people to repent, going right on just like it always did. It did in other ages, and it did in…It will in this age.



There is a people that will sleep without oil, a people that will wake up only to realise that what they were talking about is done fulfilled. We don’t want to be part of that class of people.

When the squeeze comes, it will bring the true colours of the Bride. The economic woes and strife will make the Bride rise a little higher.

We have gone through the Church Ages. Thyatira is the age of darkness, when the church sunk into the depths of satan. Ephesus (the first church age) was the depths of God, when the Church did great exploits under the influence and power of the Holy Ghost.

However, the word Ephesus has a compound meaning “aimed at” and “”relaxed”. It was the Age of the white horse rider with the Nicolaitane spirit causing the church to drift from the depths of God towards the depths of satan.

Like Eve was beguiled by the serpent in the garden of Eden, the church was also beguiled at Pergamos, which means “thoroughly married” when the church got married to politics.

It was in the unguarded moment that the enemy planted the seed of complete ruination. The church went from Nicolaitanism, through Balaamism and into Jezebelism, that is, Thyatira which means “dominating female”, the very depths of satan.

Revelation 2:20 ~ Ahab’s marriage to Jezebel was not of God. It was a marriage for political reasons. Under no circumstances can a believer marry an unbeliever. Marriage is only a change of stages in life, not a change of life. You cannot expect to change her or him in marriage because marriage is not the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

At the Nicaea Council (AD325), church and politics were married. That was the beginning of Jezebelism, the maturity of Nicolaitanism and Balaamism.

Revelation 2:21 ~ When you marry an unbeliever, you go into the dark ages of your life.

The last stage of the horse rider is the pale horse rider, a combination of the white, red and black horse rider.

This hour is not the hour of emotions. God is not an emotional God and whatever you sow is what you reap.

Luke 21:20-24 ~ This was siege on Jerusalem by General Titus and his armies. This was because the Jews rejected and crucified the Messiah. When you do wrong and God seems to be silent, it does not mean that you do not need to confess.

Judgment begins in the house of God. If you are not judged in the house of God, it means you are waiting for the great white throne judgement. You must make your life right even though God may seem to be silent and even bless you.

So in AD70, General Titus put Jerusalem under severe sanctions until people started to eat their children. This took place after the escaped ones, people that paid heed to the prophecy of Jesus, the Prophet of their day. It is interesting to note that the Church Age after Thyatira is Sardis, which means “the escaped ones”.

As modern events are unfolding, there is an influence of the Spoken Word upon the Bride which is causing her to behave in a certain way. The Bride escaped out of dead denominations and, as Titus delayed by two weeks to come and attack Jerusalem, there is also a delay even now before judgment strikes this world.

The world has crossed the line between mercy and judgment and there is no hope for this generation. When judgment delays, it’s a space that God is giving people to repent.

Right now, there is a global economic siege. Everybody must be indebted to Rome, the world’s richest city, which owns the World Bank. It will lend its money to the nations and everybody will be at its mercy.

The capital imperialists want poorer nations to be in a continuous state of slavery to them. If any president of these poorer countries tries to raise his head against the imperialists, he is either assisted, or his country will be put under sanctions to create desperation in that country.

That’s what happened in AD70 when Titus put Jerusalem under a siege. Even spiritually, when the enemy puts a siege upon the church and cuts off food supplies, the people are put into desperation and are starved to spiritual death. Churches have been closed.

The siege comes to keep the Word away from the people and they become weak. They go back to the things of the world such as backbiting, pornography, and all the filth.

This is a space to repent. Denominations are failing, not the Bride. It’s a space to repent for the denominations and the world, but the Bride is moving on.

The righteous will remain righteous and the filthy will remain filthy. You are the Rapture Generation. You will not use the space to repent to drift from the depths of God into satan’s depths.

The devil is killing the denominations with spiritual death, but the Bride is having sweet Communion with the Lord Jesus. If the Rapture takes place now, no Scripture would have been broken.

The simplicity with which people, even the disciples, missed the forerunner of the first Coming of the Lord, Elijah of Malachi 3, John the Baptist, is the same way the Rapture will happen.

There is not going to be an announcement. If you are waiting for an announcement, you are already left behind.  



370 Jesus said, “He’s already come, and you didn’t know it. But he done just what the Scriptures said he would do. He restored them, you all that received Me and believed on Me. He done exactly what the Scriptures said he’d do. And they did to him what the Scriptures said they would do. He has already come, and you didn’t know it.”

371 Are you ready? I want to shock you a little bit. The Rapture will be the same way. It’ll be so simple, no doubt it’ll be likewise, till the Rapture will come one of these days and nobody will know nothing about it. Now, don’t, don’t, don’t get up now, but study just a minute. I’m sure enough closing. The Rapture will come in such a simple way till the judgments will fall, and they’ll see the Son of man, and they’ll say, “Wasn’t we supposed to have such-and-such? And wasn’t there supposed to be Elias sent to us? And wasn’t there supposed to be a Rapture?”

372 Jesus will say, “It’s already happened, and you didn’t know it.” God in simplicity. See?

375 It’ll be, maybe one leave Jeffersonville, just somebody come up missing. They’ll say, “Well, you never…” The rest of them won’t know. There’ll be one leave Georgia. See? There’ll be one leave in Africa. And let’s say there would be five hundred people, living, will go in the translation. Now, that ain’t—that ain’t the church body. This is the Bride. That ain’t the church. This is the Bride. See?

376 The—the church will come up by the thousands, but that’s in the next resurrection. “They live not for the space of a thousand years.” See?

377 But, in the Bride, if five hundred people left the earth this very minute, the world would know nothing about it. Jesus said, “There’d be one in the bed; and I’ll take one, leave one.” That’s at night-time. “They would be two in the field,” over on the other side of the earth, “I’ll take one and leave one. And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man.”

378 Think! Everything will move just as common as it can be. A fanatic Message will go by, and, the first thing you know, something, “This minister, going somewhere, he never come back. He probably went to the woods, hunting. He just never returned no more. And this fellow went somewhere. You know what happened? I believe, that young girl, she—she must have been caught away somewhere, you know, somebody take that girl out and ravish her, probably throwed her in the river. She was with nobody.” Half of it…ninety-nine out of every…May say one out of every hundred million will ever know anything about it; see, ’less somebody that’s acquainted with her, say, “The girl is missing. Why, I can’t understand. She never did leave like that.” No.

379 And when they say, “The—the graves will open.” How is the graves going to open? When, I—I haven’t got time to get into this, what I wanted to. I’m going to have to take this, see, just to show you the simplicity of God. And that` calcium, potash, and everything, when—when…Everything that’s in you, of materials, only makes a spoonful. That’s right. And what that does, it breaks on back into spirit and life. God just speaks, and the Rapture will come. It ain’t going out there, and the Angels come down and shovel up the graves, and get out an old dead carcass here. What is it? It was born of sin, to begin with. But, a new One, made in its likeness, you know. See? If we have this, we’ll die again. See? Nobody…You say, “The graves will open. The dead shall walk out.” That may be true, but not open the way you say open. See? That’s right. See? It won’t be like that.

380 It’ll be a secret, because He said He’d come “like a thief in the night.” He has already told us this, the Rapture.

381 Then judgments will strike; sin, plagues, sickness, and everything. And people will cry for death to take them, when the judgment. “Lord, why is this judgment upon us, when You said that there would be a Rapture first?”

382 He’ll say, “It’s already come, and you didn’t know it.” See? God hiding Himself in simplicity. Oh, my! All right. “That all, that’s already happened, and you knew it not.”

383 Why don’t believers believe the simple signs of His Coming?

384 They’re expecting all this things that’s spoke of by the Scripture, and—and the moon is going to go down in the middle…or the sun, in the middle of the day, and there’s going to be all kinds of things.



I am going to go further in the coming services and show you how we can translate the depths of satan of Thyatira to our day. God bless you.



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