Communion Part 12


Preacher: Pastor L.T. Mutasa

Scriptures: Isaiah 6:1-8; Philippians 3:1-10; Ephesians 1:3-5



On Tuesday we were having WHO SHALL GO FOR US: CONFESSION, CLEANSING AND COMMISSION. Confession is not just self-accusation but a realisation of your insufficiency.

Isaiah went through confession, cleansing and commission and in that experience we see the demonstration of how a minister ought to minister. We saw last Sunday, how Samuel ministered without knowing the Lord and how this is still possible for a person to minister without a revelation of who God is.

God is expecting urgency and precision at the same time though these two are difficult to bring together.

Fanatics are zealously looking for miracles, signs and wonders and the devil can easily get amongst them because they do not have the same kind of zeal to study the Word.

Then there are others who are judging the first group because they have the Letter yet they lack the reality. These two groups of people are fighting and at the end of the day, the devil is happy.

The Message is looking for people that are not having ambitions. If you long for money, honour, or any ambition, you are vulnerable. Do not defend anything that is contrary to the Word. You must just say, “Lord, let Thy will be done.”

We want to see the reality. If this Message is not a reality, God give us something better. I do not judge the denominations by preaching and criticising them but by my life.

People must see that there is something supernatural about you because you stay in the presence of the Lord, you are prayerful.

In the year 2020, Uziah of creeds, dogmas, and traditions must die and you will see also the Lord like Isaiah did in chapter 6 verse 1. In verse 2, we see the manifestation and demonstration of ministering to God. In verse 5 Isaiah makes his confession.

The recognition of Isaiah is a version of himself he never knew but only recognised in the presence of the Lord.

You realise that you have a version of yourself influenced by your background, where you come from. Some come from royal backgrounds and so they tend to be authoritative. But in the midst of all this, God has the true version of ourselves.

People come to church with versions of themselves that is why they enter into cliques and clans, but there will come a time when all the barriers will be broken down and then you will see God, otherwise without them barriers falling, forget about seeing the Lord.

The rich young ruler could obey everything but when he was told to sell everything he had, that is where he failed yet that is where his solution was. Where your solution is, that is where you get robed by the devil.

Your body is not a habitation of demons. Don’t go home and massage demons that would have been wounded in the service.

We want to see the reality in the preacher man, office bearer, musician, and every believer. We want to see God not personality. In this hour, we do not want to see personalities for it’s not about status.

Philippians 3:4 ~ Paul is saying he has no confidence in the flesh. This does not mean he was a failure in that regard. Watch verse 5, the curriculum vitae (CV) of Saint Paul.

This is the version of a man who was converted and transformed. He was transmitted into the land of far distances, beyond the curtain of time like Bro Branham.

When the time came for Brother Branham to return the other version of himself (body) which he had left lying on the bed, he cried, “Lord you want me to go back into that old carcass?”

The prophet explains the sincerity he had after that experience. Our thoughts speak louder in heaven than our voices.

You can have all these things of dressing, morality and religion yet being empty inside. Judge yourself, how lustful you are, your attitude, and your emotions, judge them by the Word. That is the dressing God is looking at.

When Brother Branham came from beyond the curtain of time, he was sincere and knew that he must not miss the opportunity to enter into the real version of himself he had seen over yonder.

Abraham went beyond the curtain of time when he met with Melchisedec and that is why he longed for a city whose Builder and Maker is God.

You will see that this Communion we are preaching is not an ordinary Communion. It occurs in a place God Himself has prepared, in the Land of far distances. Your commission must come from that Land, otherwise you will preach and people worship you instead of God and you will receive their worship.

The Faithfulness Of The Five-Fold Ministry: These are people who were called before the foundation of the world, something that can be traced back to eternity.

You CANNOT serve God – preach, sing, play instruments – simply because there is no one to do it. If it is like that, you must demote yourself. Before the disciples could be sent to preach, God had to commune with them first.

What Isaiah was sent to do, his message, that is, Isaiah 6:9-11. This was preaching to the total lost, God was not expecting repentance, these were Word rejecters that Isaiah was being sent to.

Do not be satisfied by your birth certificate, there is another version of you on the other side.

61-1112 A True Sign Thats Overlooked

295 Let us remember this as we journey to our homes. Don’t you never let this Message die from your hearts. Whatever you do, don’t you do it. You meditate on This, day and night. And pray, day and night, for God to rise His witness now. We’re ready, for I believe, soon, time shall be no more. We’re coming.

296 “How, when will it be, Brother Branham?” I don’t know. Maybe today. It may be tomorrow. If it isn’t today, I’ll be looking for it tomorrow. And it may be this year, next year, ten years. Maybe thirty years, I don’t know when it’ll be. But I say, from now on, you be prepared every minute.

297 And don’t take just something ordinarily. Don’t do that. Don’t you rest, day and night, until you’ve talked to God. Keep yourself from fanaticism. Don’t get worked up in emotion. Don’t do that. That’s what brings so much radical stuff and makes people afraid of it, see, is because of the radical fanaticism. Don’t you accept that; not at all. You stay right there till you talk to God. After all, it’s your soul, and you’re the one is going to spend Eternity out yonder. And you be sure that you just don’t shake hands and say a creed, or—or accept something by faith. Don’t you do that. You talk to God. Let God talk to you, and watch what happens to you. Watch your desires and what happens, then you’ll know whether you talked to God or not.

Isaiah heard the Voice of God and It changed him. You cannot hear the Voice of God and remain the same. If you are not changed, then you have not heard from the Land of far distances. Your desires change when you enter into the presence of God.

Watch your desires and what happens, then you’ll know whether you talked to God or not.

The above quotation shall be the text that will guide us as an assembly. There is a reality that we must come to.

58-1005M – Hear His Voice

133 There was another, by the name of Peter, who had become saved, and had also be filled with the Spirit. And he still wanted to hang onto the traditions of the elders. All he would know, would been here in the Word. And one day, on a housetop, when he wanted to keep the traditions of, “Don’t meat…eat any meat, and the sabbaths, and so forth.” There’s a many a good person still tries to hang onto stuff like that.

134 And one day when he was up on the housetop, he heard a Voice that said, “Don’t you call that what I made clean, ‘unclean.’”

135 God, I wish He would take a bunch of preachers in this valley here, and let them know that we’re not crazy, we’re not holy-rollers, a bunch of trash. It’s the Spirit of the living God. And men and women are drunk on His goodness. It’s not witchcraft or mental telepathy. It’s the Spirit of the living God. Turn loose of your traditions, elders, and listen to the Voice of the living God. It’ll change you. You won’t become one of the persecutors. You’ll want to be one of them. If you can pass the barriers of all your doctrines, until you can float into His Presence yonder, something will take place. You won’t believe the days of miracles is past. You’ll believe that they’re right here, because one will be performed on you, sure, to change a man. That’s what the Voice of God always does. It changes men and women and makes them what they should be; not what the schools and teachers has made, but what God has patterned them for.

The Voice, speaking! “I heard a Voice.” May we come to this place where we let loose of everything that is contrary to the Word of God. Let us not rest until we come to that place of Communion where you will see the truest version of yourself.

There is another kind of zeal that God is looking for and that is for a man that will say, “I am wrong.”



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