20-0223M: FAMILY [PART 3]: TRAITS.
Preacher: Pastor L.T. Mutasa
Scriptures: 2 Timothy 1:1-5, Genesis 1:26
Having gone through the series of COMMUNION and now into the series of FAMILY, we need to walk with circumspection, to hear what God is whispering to us through His still small voice.
It’s not just an ordinary ear that will be able to catch that whisper, but it’s a people that God ordained before the foundation of the world and said, “My sheep hear my voice and a stranger they will not follow.” [John 10:3-5]
There is no way you can be a victorious believer yet a defeated wife, or a defeated husband, or a defeated child.
The same goes with office bearers. If you cannot put your house in order, there is no magic that will make you able to take care of the house of God. And if your wife cannot trust you, how can God trust you with His church?
Last Sunday, we were speaking about Loyalty, which is the ability to submit and listen. Loyalty begets loyalty. You can’t sow disloyalty and arrogance and expect to reap loyalty.
There are two paths for a person that is disloyal and disrespectful:
1. Your lifespan will be short. If you disrespect your parents, your natural lifespan will be short and if you disrespect God, the Parent of your parents, your spiritual lifespan will be short.
2. You may live long but you will reap what you have sown.
True loyalty is something that is engraved upon the soul of a person. False loyalty will fail when situations and trials arise.
There are certain things that come because of age like Eli, his eyes became dim because of age, but true loyalty caused Samuel to continue respecting the old priest. Samuel understood that though Eli was now old, he is the one who had kept Israel in order through the years.
Your future is in loyalty. The way your children treat you is the way you treat/treated your own parents and the way you treat your Pastor is the way your wife will treat you. The beauty of the Church lays in loyalty.
I am sure this series of FAMILY is restoring families, with fathers being restored as the priests and kings in their homes, and mothers being restored as the queens in their homes.
But before we can order our families, there must be forgiveness. You may find that people are keeping grudges, some of them against their relatives from past events. God is here to say you cannot continue with such.
2 Timothy 1:1-5 ~ Timothy was not Paul’s son by sex, but by the new birth he was born out of the spiritual loins of Paul. Christ came to introduce a new and living way, so that man can be born again and be
delivered from the law of death through sin, or unbelief, which started
in the Garden of Eden.
Traits are distinguishing qualities, or inherited characteristics. In this
passage of 2Timothy 1, we see two births: the natural one which
identifies Timothy with his mother Eunice and grandmother Loys;
and the spiritual one (verse 2), the new birth where Paul calls
Timothy his son having begotten him out of his spiritual loins. The
first one is a man, Timothy, born of a woman, Eunice, and the
second one is a man, Timothy, born of a Man (Christ).
I’m sure we all understand our expression into time, how that we’re
born in sin, shaped in inquity and come into the world speaking
lies and this is not how we were supposed to come. Adam had to
study how God brought him into existence and that is how he was
supposed to bring forth his own offspring. He never put on
diapers for God created and formed him as a man by the spoken
Word as His direct descendent.
All men born after the fall are born dead. It’s in our nature to sin. That’s
why without being taught by anyone, a child will steal and lie.
That’s why you must be born again and the new birth is supposed
to bring a race like Jesus Christ.
There are two influences that influence the behaviour of a person:
1. The star that you are born under has a certain influence that it
brings upon your life which is both positive and negative. When the
Holy Ghost comes upon you, It will take away the negative and you
will remain only with the positive.
Luther and Wesley were stars and the people in their ages were
under their influence. In this end time, we are under the influence of
the seventh star.
Genesis 1:26 will tell you the kind of man God created, a man with
dominion. In our day, William Branham said, “Little fishy, Jesus
Christ gives you back your life.” And a dead fish came back to life.
That’s the influence that we are under, wherein dominion has been
The Pharisees said to Jesus that Moses allowed them to give their
wives a writing of divorcement, and put them away but He said,
“Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put
away your wives: but from the beginning it was not so.” [Mathew
You have to go back to the beginning because there you will
understand how things are supposed to be.
There is no way any other generation would have the families that
we are producing in this hour. Luther, Wesley, Pentecost (Laodicea)
could not produce the families that we are producing in this age of
restoration. Luther, Wesley and others were reformers but this
Message is taking us back to the beginning.
Marriage is not a tradition. No one can tell you how you should
behave in marriage. It’s a revelation and each man must have a
revelation of his family and home. Your wife and mine are different.
You cannot just copy because what works for me may lead you into
divorce if you just copy. As a prophet of your family you need a
revelation of that family.
If you do not have a revelation, you are not fit to marry. Marriage is
not a feeling, it’s a reality. Feelings will cease. You do not marry
someone because you are feeling pity for them, you will end up
feeling pity for satan.
The same revelation you use to choose a wife is the one you use to
lead her.
2. The Environment. If a person is raised up in a Catholic convent, they
will behave as the priests and nuns in that convent do. That is why
judgmental people need to be careful. A person brought up in a
convent, living a pious life wearing long dresses and another born
on a coastal city wearing bikinis, both of them will go to hell if they
do not have the Holy Ghost.
Traditions are a lack of revelation. You must understand why you do
what you do. Why do you hit your brothers’ or sisters’ heads when
you greet them? You will go to hell with those things.
If you trace your traits, you will see that the very same demons that
were operating in your great-grandmother/father are the ones that
are working in you. That is why we can’t just confirm every
professing dreamer or visionary. How can I listen to you when you
don’t have the Holy Ghost? I can’t just listen to anything for we have
a principle that is governing us.
It’s not by choice that a young boy is a thug and murderer. It’s the
traits: you may find that the father and grandfather were having the
same nature and they were thugs and murderers too. Some things
you don’t apply for or choose, like your complexion. You are born as
such and such things will not make you an enemy of the Message.
Those voices that speak negative are lying spirits from the pits of
Marriage is not for people without the Holy Ghost. If you marry each
other because of parental traits, you are creating a Babylon for
yourselves. You must be born again.
63-0801 – A PARADOX
16 For instance, I believe that every born-again member of the Body of Christ is a
paradox in themselves. I believe each one of you Methodist and Presbyterian and
Lutheran that never had experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit, was in some
formal church that did not believe in the genuine new Birth, and has now received
the baptism of the Holy Ghost, is a perfect example of a paradox. Because,
something happened to you, that changed your whole being, and anyone could look
at that and know what a paradox is: a miracle.
17 Unless that happens, you cannot be a Christian. There must be a paradox, for you
to become a Christian. Cause, no one can—can change a spirit in a man, and give
him new Birth, outside of God. God alone is the only One can do it. And it’s a miracle
how that God can take a man’s thinking, and his ways, and his life, and everything,
and change it from what it was, to what it can be, what He can make it.
Never ask, “How can I know if I have the Holy Ghost or not?” If you are a
mature believer, it’s very simple to know: If you still see your father or your
mother in yourself, you don’t have the Holy Ghost.
63-0801 – A PARADOX
18 For instance, a few days ago, I was called in on a—a scene, or on a—a little
something going on. There was a fine young man, very fine boy, he was going with a
little girl, very fine little girl out of a fine family. And this boy, all of a sudden, came up
with some kind of an idea, and he just walked away. He did something wrong to the
little girl, and much as promised her to do a certain thing and then didn’t do it. And
instead of coming to the girl and apologizing, like a—a gentleman should do, he, it
just wasn’t in him to do it.
19 And the father and mother called me to the scene, and said, “We would desire to
know what is wrong with our boy.
20 Now, it’s not easy to do sometime, but you must be truthful and honest.
Therefore, the boy was a Christian, as far as a believer. He had repented and had
been baptized, and had his position among the believers, but yet had not received
the baptism of the Holy Spirit, no matter how much he thought he had.
There are many people that think they have the Holy Ghost but they don’t
have It. Maybe they are preachers, or singers and they think that because
they are able to preach or sing they have the Holy Ghost. People have a
tendency to hide the reality of their lacking in the things they do.
63-0801 – A PARADOX
21 You thinking you have, and having It, is two different things. You might be able to
try to say you have, and you might be able to show some evidence of some emotion;
but unless your life is vindicating what you’re professing to have, you still haven’t got
It. No matter how many emotions, how much you jump, run, sensations, speaking in
tongues, or shouting, or whatever you might lay it upon; which is all right, I believe in
all that, too; but unless your life copes with your testimony, then you haven’t got It.
Cause, the fruit of the Spirit vindicates what you are, just like the fruit of any tree tells
what it is. Jesus said, “By their fruit you shall know them.”
A consecrated and humble heart will be delivered. People hide demons, living
in denial simply because they are office bearers or they are wives of office
63-0801 – A PARADOX
22 Now, this young fellow’s parents. His mother is German. No reflection on the
German, but there is a strain in that family. And, that is, they’ll just sit, and you can
talk to them, and they’ll just stare you right in the face. They got…This girl’s sister,
the mother of this boy, her sister. I have come down the street, many morning, and
this young lady be setting out in the yard, and I’d say, “Good morning, to you.” She’d
just look at me. And I’d stop, and I’d say, “Sure a fine morning.” She would just
stand, look right at you; an intelligent woman. And I’d say, “Come up to see us
sometime.” She’d just stand and look. Well, her brothers are that way, father and
mother is that way.
23 Now the father of the boy, is strictly an Irishman, moody, and high-tempered,
high-strung. That’s his whole family like that, except one other out of the family,
converted. Now in this, this boy…
24 This father and mother, both are Christians, filled with the Holy Ghost, and they
have brought this young man up in the way of the Lord. And now the young man is
about seventeen or eighteen years old, something along there, very fine kid, and
he’s—he’s been a real model boy at home, nice kid. And he’s got a brother that’s just
vice versa.
25 But the girls, the mother’s family, lives close to the…a fine church. But do you
think they’d ever come over there? No. And they know It’s right, but it’s just not in
them to—to ask forgiveness or ask pardoning. They just won’t do it. It’s just not in
26 Now the genes in the father and the mother of this boy, no matter how much they
are converted, still remains the flesh that’s been interbred out to this boy. Therefore,
the boy has got a complex in him, just like from his mother’s family, and they are not
forgiving, they will not apologize, and that’s where that boy stands.
27 Now, I said to the father, “No matter how much you’ve raised him up…” I said,
“Now look at you, out of your family: all of them, drunks, and—and fighting, and
shooting, and cutting, and so forth.”
28 “Now look at your family,” to the mother. “They’re a bunch of people, just set
there and won’t speak, very independent, and so forth, irreverent to religion. But,” I
said, “it’s not you. You’re the only one of all your sisters and brothers, and you are
sweet, kind, and forgiving. What does that? And you’re tree, part of that family tree,
yet you have received the Holy Ghost. That’s the thing that made you tender and
sweet. It’s not your people anymore, it’s your Christ that lives in you.”
You are not a South African. South Africans behave and dress as South
Africans but you do it differently because you are a Christian.
63-0801 – A PARADOX
29 I said to the boy, “Look at your family, practically all of them are drunks, and so
forth.” I said, “And how moody, and—and high-tempered and high-strung, but you’re
not. You’re kind, forgiving. What is it? The Holy Spirit. You’re no more what you are;
it’s Christ in you.” I said, “Now that same thing has to happen to your son.”
30 And the father raised up and said, “My son went to the altar. He was baptized
correctly, in the Name of Jesus Christ, and water baptism in the pool.” Said, “I know
my son has come to Christ.”
It’s the nature of parents to defend their Godless children. If you do not
discipline your children by beating them, you are under a demonic nation.
Don’t defend and nurture demons in your children.
63-0801 – A PARADOX
31 I said, “That may be all right, all the outward motions. He might be identified as a
believer with the believers. But until he is regenerated, born again, I’d advise that
young man to never marry a woman. He’ll make Hell on earth for her, until that
gentle, sweet, forgiving Spirit of Christ comes in. Then that will be a paradox in itself,
to take the very nature of a boy that’s bred between father and mother. And yet, in his intellectuals, he is trying his best to overcome it. He can’t do it. He’ll never overcome it. Christ will have to overcome it. When he lets Christ in, then he’s already overcome then. It’ll be a perfect paradox, when a man is born of the Spirit of God.
You can fight it intellectually but to no avail, that is traits. Parents must teach their children these things. We don’t want to wake up when we are already in problems. We must cry out for the Holy Spirit to be born into God’s family. You can be divorced and delivered from the spirits in your lineage such as polygamy and unforgiving spirit. You can be delivered out of that, it’s possible.
To those who feel like you chose the wrong wife or husband I have a question for you. How did you believe this Message and come under this Ministry? How can you choose a wrong wife/husband under the correct Message and Ministry? Get the Holy Spirit and It will change and align you. God hates divorce.

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