Family (Part 1)

20-0209M: FAMILY [PART 1].
Preacher: Pastor L.T. Mutasa
Scriptures: Ephesians 5:15-24; Genesis 1:26-28, 5:1-2; John 4:24
We have designated February as a month of prayer with prayers being
made every day from 6:30 p.m., wherever people will be: at home, work or
school. Those close to church can come to the tabernacle.
Many times as man, we have different languages, your mind can be
speaking one thing while your heart will be speaking another thing, but we
want the language of the mind to align with that of the heart just as God’s
thoughts, Words and actions are all in alignment.
From the series of COMMUNION, we now enter into the series of FAMILY
and we shall see that these two subjects are closely related.
There must be no separation between our thoughts and the Word in this
month of prayer.
Next week we will nominate our office bearers and at our month-end
meetings we will ordain them. So they will have two weeks to pray and try
their offices.
Before we are called into any office, we must be believers. We must
therefore pray for the men that are going to be our office bearers because
our growth will be based upon them, their sacrificial nature and
understanding of their roles.
I was impressed by a certain lady who runs a Christian school. She said
what makes a Christian school is not a Christian curriculum but having
Christian teachers.
As a ministry, we are having a vision that is so great and clear. What you see
today, is not what you will see in the few years to come. God is never in a
hurry because He is never late. There are things that belong to us but we
will never have them until we reach a certain level of maturity.
The inspiration behind having this February as a month of prayer is that
God may establish our families and homes. Broken families will reflect a
broken Church. If our families are strong, then it means our relationship
and bond with God is strong.
The Jews have three things they prioritise: Family; Place of worship; and
Education. There must be coordination and harmony between these three
institutions such that what the children are taught at Church, at home, and
at school is exactly the same. Though this is a system we may not be able to
strictly observe, it works.
I grew up under a strict regime of prayer from my father. Though he was
not a believer then, every time I returned home from boarding school, he
would ask me to kneel down and then he would pray for me. From that
experience I learnt that it is important that we always pray for our little
Ephesians 5:15-24 ~ When your quest is knowing and walking in the will
of the Lord, that’s wisdom. Redeeming the time means making sure that
you spend every moment of your life, pursuing God’s will.
God loved to have family. That is why He did not remain as El Ela Elohim
(the self-existing One) but He condescended and first became the Logos
(which means ‘speech’), which is the Word, the visible expression of the
invisible God, the beginning of God’s creation (John 1:1-3, Genesis 1:1-3,
Revelation 3:14). And it is His creation that changed His title to God, which
means “object of worship”.
The moon does not have a light of its own but it reflects the light of the sun
in the absence of the sun. That’s the relationship of the Bride (Church) and
its Bridegroom, the Lord Jesus.
Whatever level you are in, you can be able to find and see God.
Man was the last thing that God created, the climax of God’s creation, an
amateur God. Whatever God was/is, Adam was. A cow gives birth to a cow,
everything brings forth after its kind.
Genesis 1:26-28 ~ The command to be fruitful and multiply went forth
before time began. The ‘created’ man was in the image and likeness of God
but the ‘formed’ man (Genesis 2:7) was in the image of beast.
The overall I put on to work in the garden does not make who I am, it only
becomes something because I am wearing it. The body is just an overall and
it becomes something because I am in it.
62-0211 ONENESS
18 And it is the only grounds of fellowship that God has ever laid down for
Himself and His Church, is the oneness of Himself in the people…
Genesis 5:1 & 2 ~ “He called their name Adam,” and the vernacular
Bibles (Venda and Shona) say, “He called their name ‘person’ ” a translation
which grossly distorts the whole picture.
62-0211 ONENESS
19 And if you’ll notice how that Eve was united with Adam, she become
part of him. God, did you notice in Genesis 1:27, He created man male and
female, created He them…
There was no more creation after the creation of Adam. Even Eve, though
she was a by-product physically speaking, she was part of the original
creation, spiritually speaking.
The way you treat your wife is the way you are saying God should treat you.
Here on earth, God separated Adam and he became male and female and
that is what God also did to Himself (Christ is the masculine and the Bride
is the feminine part of God).
The command to be “fruitful, and multiply and replenish the earth” came
before the separation, when Adam was still one. So when God commanded,
He was saying “do it the same way I have done it”, by the Spoken Word.
Satan is the one who, through the serpent, introduced sex as a way to bring
When you see a man and a woman failing to be one, it means either one or
both of them are not one with God. You can never be one with your wife
and family when you are not one with God. I’m not talking of the oneness of
the overall (flesh) but of the true you.
That is why you do not marry the outward man, you marry the one inside.
The outward man will grow old, get wrinkled, die and people will say you
are a fool because what you would have married will lose value.
God, Adam and Eve were in oneness because they were having the same
nature until that oneness was broken by satan.
Family originated with God and it cannot be managed by searching on the
internet whereby you try to tame one another, but it must be a reality.
You will see that Adam was a type of the Son of Man, Eve a type of the Son
of God and together they ruled in Eden, a type of the Son of David. Eve, as a
woman, a type of the Church, when she was having the life of Adam, she
was his reflection as the Church, in this Holy Ghost (Son of God)
dispensation, is a reflection of Jesus Christ.
Therefore, in Eden, there was perfection, the Son of Man, Son of God, and
the Son of David were all together; there was oneness, there was fellowship,
Adam ruling, with his wife, as the god of the earth and Jehovah being God
of the entire universe.
62-0515E – ADOPTION #1
100 But in Genesis 2, when He made man, He said, “I am,” Y-a-h-u, J-u-vu-h, Yahweh, “Jehovah.” What did it mean? “I am the all-existence One…
When the serpent beguiled Eve, she was no longer only reflecting Adam but
also the serpent as she was now carrying his seed in her womb. The greatest
achievement we can have is the display of the three-fold purpose of God in
our families, whereby the husband receives the Life/Word of God in his
heart and the wife accepts and receives the same Life of God that is in her
Every broken up family makes the devil laugh into the face of God, that is
why God hates divorce (Malachi 2:16).
God is glorified in a true marriage. What is a true marriage? God marries
the Bride because she is a part of Him, not because He feels pity for her. It
is redemption, God bringing back to Himself those who were His and were
The Bride will not give God problems in heaven because she is a part of
Him. That is what is called true marriage, when a man marries a woman
because she is a part of him.
They say there are three kinds of people that are difficult to advise namely,
1. a man that is in love; 2. a man that has money; and 3. a person that is
following a prophet.
If it was not for the grace of God, many would have heart attacks at their
honeymoons when reality strikes.
A man who does not respect God, does not deserve respect from the wife. If
we have chaos in our families, we have no right to preach the Rapture. You
will never know how to treat a woman if you don’t know God.
When God is now sure that His Seed is in a man, then He will reveal to him
his wife. It’s tough when a man tries to look for a wife with his own eyes. Let
God trust you with His Word then He will trust you with His daughter.
When a man is now a priest, the wife must respect him and the world must
know the husband through the woman as she is all that he is. Both must
then dress their family with the Word and prayer so that it grows to
176 Notice the great masterpiece, of the family. The husband and wife
cannot be truly a family unless they are one…
63-0626 – WHY?
64 Ahaziah was—was the son of Ahab, had been brought up in the kind of
a home that—that was a—a lukewarm home…
A child must not be able to report the mother to the father or report the
father to the mother. He/she must just know that these two are one.
63-0626 – WHY?
66 And, now, if the father would have been a real strong man in his faith,
the child might have had a better opportunity, but he—he didn’t…
Marrying an unbeliever does not necessarily mean marrying someone who
goes to a denomination but someone you will disagree and fight with.
Disagreement is due to the fact that one of the parties is just failing to
humble themselves.
In the Message of the hour, a good marriage comes not by experience but
by the Holy Spirit, God in a man, his wife, and their children. That is what
creates a good family. I am talking about the expression of God’s three-fold
purpose in a home. Experience is good, time is also good, but that’s not
what pleases God. God wants to see His Life expressed in a man, his wife,
and children.
108 Now, for nearly two thousand years, God has been again making Him
a Masterpiece…That’s the way He makes His Masterpieces, because He
can only be a perfect Masterpiece when It’s the perfect Word.
You can’t talk of a perfect family without the perfect Word. We have to be
prayerful. We are praying through this month for our families to be
restored and established. You must really be humble for you to come and be
a beneficiary of This, not coming to tell God how His Word must speak, but
coming under expectation, saying, “Lord, make me the man/woman you
want me to be”. If you want to hold on to traditions, then you will suffer till
you die. The family that I’m talking about goes beyond what you can do for
yourself. It’s God coming down to show us the picture that was in Eden
before the fall.


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