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Shalom saints. Bro Lucky Nghonyama’s above question is this week’s Sunday school homework. I will clarify/rephrase it and give some hints on how to tackle it as follows:
We see three kinds of people in Lot’s, or
Abraham’s, time of which Abraham and Sarah
represent the elect of God, Lot represent
the make-believers, while the Sodomites
represent the unbelievers. When God
destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, why did he
spare Lot since he was a borderline/make-
believer? How does this relate to the way
things were and what happened in the days
of Noah and also the way things are in
this End Time?
Your answer must be pregnant with quotations from the Bible and from the Spoken Word.
Hints: Spoken Words and the Bible (Genisis, Luke, II Peter, etc.)
God richly bless you all.