Sis Fhumulani

Major Prophet
This is simply the Prophet of the Age,he is foreordained before the foundation of the world to be the representative for that specific generation,he is the one the Word of the Lord comes to,his ministry as the major prophet is not just to predict future events ,he has a message of the hour to lead the children of God under the leadership of the Holy Ghost,his message is to purge , make people repent from all sins and turn their hearts back to God wherein people will do nothing but God’s will.God Raises only one man at a time to operate in this ministry in each and every age.

64-0614 The unveiling of God
“E-155 Notice, only Moses had the Word. Now, there wasn’t a–a group came down, there wasn’t just the Pharisees, or the Sadducees, or it wasn’t a–a certain sect or a clan. It was Moses! He got one man. He can’t get two or three different minds. He takes one man. Moses had the Word, and Moses alone. Joshua even didn’t have It. No one else had It. Amen! Joshua was a–a general; Joshua was a commander of the army; Joshua was a believer, a Christian. But Moses was a prophet! The Word can’t come to Joshua; It’s got to come to Moses. He was the major prophet of the hour. Notice, the Word never did come to Joshua till Moses was gone. No, sir. God deals with one at a time. God is one. See? Now, only Moses had the Word, not a group.”

65-0008 The Laodicean Church Age
“E-21 Jesus called John the Baptist, Elijah.
Matthew 17:12,
“But I say unto you that Elias is come already, and they knew him not, but have done unto him what they listed.”
The reason that he called John Elijah, was because the same Spirit that was upon Elijah had come back upon John, even as that Spirit had come back upon Elisha after the reign of King Ahab. Now once again that Spirit will come back upon another man just before Jesus comes. He will be a prophet. He will be vindicated as such by God. Since Jesus, Himself, in the flesh won’t be here to vindicate him, (as He did John) it will be done by the Holy Spirit so that this prophet’s ministry will be attended by great and wonderful manifestation. As a prophet, every revelation will be vindicated, for every revelation will come to pass. Wonderful acts of power will be performed at his commands in faith. Then will be brought forth the message that God has given him in the Word to turn the people back to truth and the true power of God. Some will listen, but the majority will run true to form and reject him.”

Minor Prophet
Unlike the major prophet ,God can have many individuals operating in this ministry ,there can be many minor prophets at the same time,these prophets are there to edify the church.

Relationship between Major prophet and Minor prophets
Minor Prophets should be under the subjection of the Major prophet as he is the star of the age that we all must follow as it is leading us to Jesus.So whatever they do should be in obedient with the message God sent for that hour for it is the only provided way for us to be saved,if they do not match the standard of the Word of God then they are false prophets everything they do must be in line with God’s word,meaning that if they are true prophets they must subject their ministry to the light of their day.