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Sis D

Church order (church order 58-1007)

Quite time, it is the moment just before song service where a person can pray either on their chair or altar without making noise for others or meditate on the word.

Speaking in tongues should be before song service during quiet time
A gift of speaking in Tongues and prophet.
The gift of tongues can move from one person to another, it can be on one person and on the next one but a prophet is born a prophet they have their subconscious closer to their conscious.

Five fold ministry

It is the dresswear of God for the perfecting of the bride
Made up of
An individual in one office may have an element of another office

Differences between the prophet of the entire age and the one in the five fold ministry
-the prophet of the age is vindicated by the word and the prophet of the five fold ministry always look at what the major prophet have said,

Five musts to qualify one to do God a service (65-0718M trying to do God a service without it being His will par 110-118)
-it must be according to God’s time
– it must be according to the person God chooses to do it by
-it must be according to His word
– it must first come ri the prophet
– the prophet must be vindicated by the word