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Bro Nghonyama

Shalom saints…
That is correct my brother, the Communion series was more of being a subject its self, but a true and real anticipation of a believer. I believe that as our Prophet has left the scene, the message has to reach its destination; “the believers heart” and there is no other way of it getting in there.

I took the communion series as turning the heart of the Fathers back to the children and turning the heart of the children back to their Fathers. When i think of how tradition have blocked God way in, i beggin to see that God has been trying to have fellowship with us, but because of tradition…we even strive for things not meant to.

The series have not only opened my understanding of God move, but also positioned me as a believer in this body of Christ. Going further beyond being a message believer to possessing what has been promised for this age.

I remember Bro Retif, He said ” The message today is not as it was in the days of Bro Branham” and our Pastor quote the Prophet saying That is not the message that have a problem, the problem is the people who have received the message.

The Communion