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    Bro Ambani Masia

    The Summary Of 2019 Sunday School( homework)
    Question: Explain what “Mystery Babylon” is and why it is called so. Your answer should be not less than 1 page and you must support your answer with Scriptures and quotations of Bro Branham.

    According to What I’ve learn Mystery Babylon in our day it’s Rome and it is called Mystery Babylon because it is a hidden thing. When we check in the bible, we see the beginning of Babylon in the book of Genesis 11, in the book of Daniel 1 and also in the book of Revelation 17.
    Maybe one can ask, why is it Rome? In the beginning of Babylon in the book of Genesis, Nimrod’s Purpose was to founded a city and caused all of the other cities to pay tribute to this city. In our day, is there a place that makes every nation pay tribute to it? Yes and it is Rome ( References: Spoken Word & Scriptures: 54-0514 The Seal Of God P.g no. 161. 54-0513 – The Mark Of The Beast P.g no. 265. Genesis 10:9-10. Daniel 1:1. Revelation 17:5).
    In the Spoken Word ‘Experiences which was preached in 1947-12-07 The Prophet Said in Paragraph 34 “Remember, “Come out of her, My people.” Is that right? Babylon, confusion that… And not the people now, not out of your churches, but come out of that confusion among you. You see?
    In the Spoken Word ‘Five Definite Identifications Of The True Church Of The Living God which was Preached in 1960-09-11E The Prophet Said in Paragraph 56 “ And remember, she was called “MYSTERY, BABYLON.” We know that’s the Catholic church. But, notice, she’s “THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS.” What’s a harlot? The same thing that she is, the whore. Now, where did these organizations come from? There’s her mother. That’s what they are, to begin with. Then you say, “That’s the anti-Christ.” That’s true. Then if that’s anti-Christ, then what about our organizations? Just as harlot and whore, is the same thing, “committing adultery, committing fornication,” accepting false things because of the mind and intellectuals of men. As the Bible said, “Teaching for Doctrine the commandments of men.” That’s what’s called church today, which is against God’s Kingdom”.
    In the Spoken Word ‘Why Are We Not A Denomination?’ Preached in 1958-0927 The Prophet said in Paragraph 57 “ Now notice the woman, the church, she was “Mystery, Babylon.” We see her appear by Nimrod. What was Nimrod’s purpose? Nimrod founded a city and caused all of the other cities to pay tribute to this city. Could we see such a thing today? Is there such a place today? Is there a church that has domination over every nation in the world? Certainly. Is there a place today that makes every nation pay tribute to it? Is there a place?”.
    For More Reading:
    62-1230E – Is This The Sign Of The End, Sir?: Rev. William Marrion Branham Paragraph 316.
    60-1207 – The Pergamean Church Age: Rev. William Marrion Branham , Paragraph 179.
    63-0318 – The First Seal: Rev. William Marrion Branham Paragraph 328.
    63-0319 – The Second Seal: Rev. William Marrion Branham Paragraph 303-314.

    I also learn that The Prophet of the age cannot be judge by a Panel. The Prophet said in the spoken word,
    ‘Expectations’ which was preached in 10 August 1950.
    “Who ever stood to judge Isaiah, to see whether his prophecy was right or not? They knowed from his time through that he was a prophet. Who stood to say to Jeremiah, when God told him He made him a prophet before he was born from his mother’s womb. And all those who lived right, they knowed he was a prophet”.
    Also in ‘Expectation’ which was preached in 05 April 1950
    Now, those are the spirits of the gifts that’s in the Church. But the only person that has a right to say, THUS SAITH THE LORD, is an a vindicated prophet. You never seen anybody judging Isaiah, or Jeremiah, or those people. They were prophets, foreordained and borned in the world to be prophets. And they foresaw the thing by a vision, and then said, “THUS SAITH THE LORD,” for the Lord had already said it.

    I also learn The difference between Prophecy and the gift of Prophecy the difference is that a Prophet is a man who is born in a different way, he hears from God according to Amos 3:7. A prophet foresees way off than a person who is having a gift of prophecy. The prophet said in a spoken word “God Doesn’t Call Man to a Judgment Without First Warning Him which was preached in 1963-0724”
    108. The prophet is a special man. A prophet is a man of whom the Word of the Lord comes to, because the prophet is so designed (life) that his subconscious and his first conscious is so close together that he doesn’t go to sleep to dream his dream, he sees it when he’s wide awake. See? Now, that’s something God has to do. See, he sees what’s going.
    109. A prophet foresees way off, see, the things that is coming. He sees the cup of God’s wrath, full, before it is filled. He can say, “THUS SAITH THE LORD! God will destroy this city except you repent.” Why? He’s an eagle. He rides way in yonder. See? And he looks way off there and he sees that cup of wrath poured out. That’s what the prophet’s looking at. He ain’t looking what’s going on here, he’s looking yonder! He’s saying, “It’s coming!” He can go so high till he can see that shade. He said, “The world will be dark—darkness and gross darkness.” He’s up high enough, the sun’s shining now, but he sees that shade coming, and he’s—he’s—he’s saying what he’s looking at. It ain’t here yet, but it’ll sure be here! That’s right. It’s going to be here, gross darkness upon the people. He knows it’s coming, years away, yet he sees it.
    The Prophet also said in in the spoken word “Expectations which was preached in 1953-0810”. 11 (Second Paragraph) Now, those are the nine spiritual gifts that’s in the body now. They work through the body. But then there is gifts and callings without repentance. That’s an a vindicated prophet sent from God, from… You don’t receive that. That’s a gift sent from God, that’s born in your birth, come down through, and been set you down through. And that… A prophet, not a gift of prophecy…
    The Gift of prophecy can move from one person to another and it must be judged before it is said before the people (Church) according to the Spoken word Demonology, Religious which was preached in 1953-0609, the prophet said in paragraph:
    70 “God, in sundry times and divers manners spoke to the fathers through the prophets, in this last days through His Son, Christ Jesus.” And the Body of Christ has nine spiritual gifts operating in it. And it might be on this woman tonight, prophecy, may never be the rest of her life. It may be on this woman the next night. May be on this man the next time. May be on that one back there, the next time. That doesn’t make her a prophet, doesn’t make no one a prophet. It’s a gift of prophecy in you.
    71 And before that man or that prophecy can be given to the church, it has to be judged before two or three spiritual judges. Is that right? According, now, Paul said, “You all may prophesy, one by one.” If something be revealed to this one, let that one hold his peace. Well, that would make the whole bunch prophets then, according to the teaching of today. No, Pentecostal church, we’ve got things all scrupled up. And that’s the reason God can’t come in, till we get the thing straightened out and on the Bible. That’s right. You got to get the right path. How you going to build a house without looking at the blueprint? See? You got to start right.
    God bless you

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