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    Shalom saints, what we have learned through out the year of 2019, Church Order, what is the important oof church order, to understand the importance of quite time, why gifts and prophecy must be in order in the church,we went through the spoken word church order preached in 58-1007, to know how the gift of speaking in tongue must operate, gift of prophecy, interpretation of tongues, and wisdom etc, we also Five fold ministey, Pastor,prophet,Evangelist, Teacher and apostle, and The five musts, spoken word trying to do God a service without it being the will of God must be according to God’s time and season, must come to a person that God choose, it must come to the prophet and the prophet must be vindicated by the word. GOD BLESS YOU THAT’S THE SUMMARY OF WHAT WE LEARNED IN 2019.

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