Out Of The Depths of Satan Into Greater Opportunities: Untapped Resources Everywhere pdf


Preacher: Pastor L.T. Mutasa

Scriptures: Revelation 2:2, 13:8 & 9, 17:8; Genesis 3:1-6, 4:1-16; Ezekiel 28:13-15; Isaiah 14:12-15; Acts 2:1-16


We have been going through different series during the midweek and Sunday services.

If you go to our website, on the Pastor’s desk, you will find Sermon notes downloadable in PDF format. The purpose why we do these notes is to keep the Word fresh in the hearts of believers that as we go to the next Sermon we will be able to follow and be part of God’s continuity.


The enemy broke oneness between God and man and caused man to be a servant of things he is supposed to control.

Now, if you study properly, we were looking at the creeping in of discrepancy, how Israel became an apostate state.

Now we see the coming in of two vines, Cain and Abel. The Bible makes it clear that Cain was of the evil one. He was not the son of Adam. If he was a son of Adam who came out of the loins of God, where did he get the murderous spirit?

Cain killed Abel and shed the first blood (GENESIS 4). This was a continuation of the nature of satan who rebelled against God when iniquity was found in him (Ezekiel 28:13, Isaiah 14:12).

Those who don’t believe the Serpent Seed must explain the origin of evil. In God there is no evil. Where then did Cain get the murderous spirit?

It’s either you are of God or satan. There is no place in between. The two vines, Cain and Abel, repopulated the earth. The serpent’s seed was packed into the ark of Noah by one of the girls so that after the flood, sin still abounded upon the earth.

Now, I want you to consider, when Solomon came it was a restoration in type of Edenic beauty. Solomon’s time was a golden age.

Jeroboam took ten tribes and Rehoboam took two. We realised that the Samaritans, the ones who Joshua and Zerubbabel refused to rebuild the temple of God with are the same Samaritans whom Jesus went to after meeting with the woman at the well.

Now these Samaritans that did not know what they were worshipping are the product of the split of Israel into two at the time of Jeroboam and Rehoboam.

You can call the two divisions ‘Cain and Abel’. Ahab and Jezebel were of Samaria while Jehoshaphat was of Judah.

Deuteronomy 16 and many other places in the Pentateuch show us that God had a chosen place of worship and any worship that would be acceptable before God was supposed to be at that place.

Jeroboam shifted the focus of believers from God’s provided place of worship and made golden calves saying they were the gods that took them out of Egypt. The reason why people were lured by Jeroboam is because he presented an easy way.

God never forgot this man for bringing idolatry into Israel. Jeroboam, when you study him, we have noticed that the gene that was in him was the same as that which was in the white horse rider of Revelation 6.

Not everything that is white is of God. A lion without teeth can roar but when it comes to bite you, it will actually be tickling you with its gums. That’s the devil, he went conquering with a bow without an arrow because people feared.

For the Bride, God gave the lion anointing to combat the spirit of deception. That is why the in the Ephesian Church Age the saints would confront a man of God who would be claiming to be an apostle and say, “You are a liar.” (Revelation 2:2)

We need people that can stand and tell the truth. That’s what they did in the first Church Age of Ephesus (aimed at and relaxed) but they relaxed as the name suggests.

The Roman Catholic Church is the first church organization not the first Church. The first Church was at inaugurated at Pentecost (Acts 2). The first organisation was formed in AD325. It was formalising the worship of golden calves.

When imperial Rome fell it became papal Rome. It changed garment from a political to a papal (religious) Rome.

In the Old Testament, it was the chemistry of the blood of the lamb sacrifice, but that did not take away the desire for seen.

The Blood of Christ took away our guilt not for a season but for ever and ever. Now it is the life of the Lamb of God upon the worshiper.

So now, the New Testament is a continuation of God’s programme. The Old Testament was a type of the flesh, a shadow of the New.

Imperial political Rome killed believers with sword but the saints were not afraid to die. Therefore it became religious Papal Rome and started to kill people spiritually.

That’s the same devil that lied to Eve in the garden of Eden saying, “You shall NOT surely die,” yet she died because death means “eternal separation from God.” So God did not lie, He said the day you eat is the day you shall surely die. Without the presence of God, you are dead. Eve died the day she disobeyed God.

We are living among the dead. Watching pornography 24 hours, that’s dead, taking another man’s wife: dead, our governments endorsing abortion: they are dead, disobedient children: dead. They are being killed by religion.

People are being caught unaware. The gospel of money: death, they are dying with money, prosperity gospel.

Pergamos is when the church and politics became one, it means thoroughly married.

When we talk about the depths of satan, Jezebelism, we are talking about full-blown idolatry. Jezebel was killing people who did not believe in her religion. Everything died, in the time of Jezebel.

At the depths of satan, that’s where we want to start. My subject will be OUT OF THE DEPTHS OF SATAN INTO GREATER OPPORTUNITIES: UNTAPPED RESOURCES EVERYWHERE.

Revelation 13:8 & 9 – Now, I want you to observe, the Bible is speaking about both they that will worship and they that will not worship the beast.

Revelation 17:8 – These are the same people who were not in the mind of God.

Now, we must agree that there are a people that are here on earth who were there before time begun.

Jeremiah was told, I knew you before you were conceived in your mother’s womb.

God rich in mercy decreed that you be expressed at His designated season.

You are not a South African by choice, you are not a Swati by choice, you are not a Tsonga by choice. Somebody determined that for you.

You never had a choice. Even the rich did not choose. We all belong to God. That’s why we must give heed when God is speaking.

The reason why you are confused is because you think you belong to yourself. The reason why you are competitive is because you think it’s by might and power.

There are people, no matter how much they work, they will never buy a bicycle. There are people that you may pray for to be healed but will remain crippled because it’s for a purpose.

There are people who may not work for anything but whatever they touch prospers. Another philosopher said, “Some are born great, others achieve greatness, others have greatness thrust upon them.”

Some things are not by choice, it’s for a purpose. God has a purpose. Some people are born for a purpose.

He wants a lawyer like you, He wants an accountant like you that will not take a bribe.

God is there, where are you? You are the one missing in the picture. You are suffering every day, you are spending sleepless nights, crying tears, you have headaches because of stress. Wake up

If you do your best and can’t control the rest, you rest. You can’t produce what you don’t have. If you are not called to be a preacher, life cannot make you a preacher, if you are not ordained to be a singer, time cannot make you a singer. Praise God! There is a purpose for everybody and it’s your responsibility to identify your purpose and position. And when that happens, life springs forth, out of the depths of satan.

Everything else is true but not you. There are people that come to church here and clap hands God for what Paul did in the past, what Brother Branham did, they praise God for the coming Rapture and those that will be translated, but when it comes to their lives, they can’t even raise hands to say, “Amen, I’m part of It.”

That’s the spirit of darkness. It makes you recognize another day that came and passed and another day that is to come, and makes you non-existent. You are existing. You have a purpose and a vision to accomplish. This is your season. You must rise up. Don’t fear brother. Oh, glory!

“What if it will not work Pastor? What if it will not work?” What if it works. We need people that are daring and to say, “Come what God has said, I take It and will live by It.” Not people that are afraid to take a hold of God’s promises. You must understand by the grace of God.


40 And when David went to meet Goliath, Goliath looked at him and laughed, and said, “Why, what am I a dog, you coming out to meet me like that, a little old ruddy looking boy?” He—he was ruddy, little. You know what Saul called him? Said, “Who is this stripling?” That’s what Saul said. “Who is that stripling out there?” Just a little old kid like, you know, little old sissy looking fellow, probably shoulders stooped over, and here he come with this little sling, but he knowed God; that’s the main thing. He was a believer. He was elected. He was called. He was anointed, and he was placed. Hallelujah! No matter whether you’re just…

41 You say, can that… “Well, Brother Branham, I wasn’t called to be a preacher.” You might be called to be a housewife, but you got your position in Christ Jesus by the Holy Ghost. Amen. You’re just as much David as the rest of them was.

Are you coming out of a family where things never worked, where everybody is in a cycle that is predictable? Today you are here, you are saying, “I am elected.” Today you are here, you are saying, “I am called.” You are saying, “I’m anointed.”

What’s your calling, “I am a housewife, a defender at my home!” When demons are getting there, their hearts are beating, asking, “Is that woman there?”

When other women are busybodies, moving from house to house backbiting their husbands and other men, you are busy praying for your husband. I’m talking about prayerful mothers, prayerful wives, not mothers that spend five hours on WhatApp!

We need people that are called, anointed and know that they are here for a purpose.

With your five stones, five meaning G-R-A-C-E, F-A-I-T-H and J-E-S-U-S, and the sling shot of Prayer you bring down Goliath.

I am talking about mothers, I am talking about housewives, people that are called. There is greater opportunities. You can do better than Rebekah, better than Esther, better than Ruth,  better than Mary the virgin. Greater opportunities! Out of the depths of satan, Hallelujah, into greater opportunities!

Imagine if five women like that would come to this church. Oh, brother, during quiet time, people would cry tears here, the anointing will be too much.   It’s possible to have such women here in Thohoyandou to have mothers living and serving God.


14 … And see how God, in His great plans, just knowed how to make every person just exactly to be a certain thing, ’cause He’s going to use them for that purpose.

16 And that’s the way. We all have different make-up’s. If we would just find our position in Christ, and there abide and serve Him.

If I am driving a truck and I hit a donkey in my line of duty, I am not liable for the damages but my employer is because I am in the scope of my employment.

I want you to see what happens when you are in your scope of employment.


115 And as long as you are in the line of duty, keeping God’s Word, doing just what He told you to do, marching by the orders of God, you’ve got a right to say to that mountain, “Be moved!”

116 God keeps His Word. “If you say to this mountain, ‘Be moved,’ don’t doubt in your heart, but believe that that what you said will come to pass, you can have that what you have said.” Jesus said that, in Saint Mark 11:22. That’s the Truth. I know that’s the Truth. It’s God’s Word, and that proves that it’s the Truth. We’re just afraid sometimes. We get to a place, we’re afraid He won’t keep that Word. He will keep that Word. He said He would do it. Now, we find that’s true. He proved it.

Denying all your boyfriends/girlfriends, deleting all the pornography, confessing all your sins, coming to church and serve God and still be abused by satan.

Wake up. Look at the sacrifices you have made for the Word of God, in your line of duty. Move that mountain. What is that problem? Kick it away.

Out of the depths of satan into greater opportunities. Brother, I see this church rising and believers taking their God given grounds. I am seeing women rising, saying enough is enough, satan, go away!

You see the problem, we get to a point where we are scared. God keeps His Word. You may not keep your word, but God keeps His Word.

We need people that are not afraid. Demons can hear and you must give them marching orders.

Some people worship their demons, they want them, that’s why the demons remain in them.

There comes a time where you must tell satan, “I won’t stop praying until you live my house (body).” You must cast out your own demons. A real believer will cast out the demons in their own bodies.

God has no grandchildren. Why put Him so far by worshipping ancestors? You have got access as a son or daughter of God to greater opportunities, when you take God at His Word!


264 Now, the Methodist said, “When you shout, you got It.” A lot of them shouted and didn’t have It.

265 The Pentecost said, “When you speak in tongues, you got It.” Many speak with tongues, and didn’t have It. 266 Look how, all kind of forms those Pharisees had, but when the Word was made manifest, they didn’t recognize It. See? See?

267 And if you are the Bride, the Bride is a part of the Husband. And if…The only place that you’ll ever recognize It, is recognize what part of that Husband (that Word) you are, or you can’t recognize being the Bride. How many sees that? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] See? See? You have to recognize your position. 268 You can’t recognize somebody else’s. What if—what if Moses would have come with Noah’s message? And Noah was a part of it, but it wouldn’t have worked. What if—if—if—if Jesus would have come with Moses’ Message? It wouldn’t have worked. See, it was a different age, it was a different prophecy, a different part of the Word had to be fulfilled there. They was in another day of the week. Not, Tuesday’s work can’t be done on Wednesday. And Wednesday has got to be done on Wednesday. See? Saturday has to be Saturday’s work. See? And, they, they was recognize, “Oh, Moses, we have Moses.”

269 He said, “If you’d have knowed Moses, you would know Me, for he was the one spoke of Me. ‘The Lord your God shall raise a prophet likened unto me.’” Get the idea? Oh, my! See?


Message believers said if you wear a long dress, you got It. To get It, is not a tradition passed from one man to the other. It is to recognise the present tense God in your life. You recognise God in your Pastor, what about you?

“I’m part of the team.” What is your number? You see the problem of people who don’t know their position, they cause confusion.

To come out of the depths of satan into greater opportunities is a recognition of your position.

God had a promise for every age and every life. He has a purpose for everything.

You can’t go out of here complaining. Satan must know, “All things work together for good for them that love the Lord.”

God cannot come and make you do Tuesday’s work on a Sunday. He is not the future tense, He is the I AM.

The prophet is trying to show you that the Pharisees if they had known Moses, they should have known Him.

You are a liar, why are you denying William Branham and say you were going to believe in Noah if you had lived in his day?

There are people who use circumstances to cover up their failures. You don’t respect your husband because you don’t have the Holy Spirit.

God did not make a mistake to make you born of an abusive father for He did not know you from your father. There is no excuse for non-performance.

When you have done your best and you can’t achieve your goal, don’t worry, it is not the will of God.

Some of you can’t get cars because He sees an accident. Some of you can’t get a promotion because you will leave your wives.

Which God will give you a job that will make you miss service the whole month?

I don’t want such a job myself. Look at Daniel, they changed the laws but he said, “For the sake of my God, I will not stop praying.”

Even if you are left in the world alone, you will not drink beer because it’s not in you. It’s because of the Life that is inside of you.


41 Possess the promises. The promise is unto you and your children, to them that’s far off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call. Christians, brother, sisters, we’ve been on this land long enough. We’ve been around here on this mountain. We’ve been on this denominational mountain too long now. We’ve been out here forty years using this for evidence, speaking in tongues. Oh, my! When there’s powers that’s unknown, when the resources is untapped: “Whatever you ask in My name, that I’ll do. Ask the Father anything in My name and I’ll do it.” Amen. Just divine healing and speaking in tongues, well, that’s, that’s just a few grapes that was brought back from across the land. The land is ours! It all belongs to us. Don’t be afraid that the other fellow’s going to beat you over there. Just join up with him and go on over. That’s the way to do it. And we’ve been on this mountain for forty years. Let’s get off of it, and go towards the Promised Land.


4 The Gospel, and yet in it’s simplicity is the greatest drawing card the world has ever knowed. Jesus said when He was here on earth, “If I be lifted up, I’ll draw all men unto Me.” Black, white, yellow, brown, whatever their colour or race is, the Gospel still holds the center of attraction to every man and every woman. And I do believe that our churches should be just a little farther advanced in the Gospel than what we are. I think that we contribute that, I do, and if I’m wrong I pray the Lord forgive me. I think we try to look back too much to see what somebody else has done, or said, instead of looking forward to Christ. He’s our Leader. A few hundred years ago, I may be mistaken in this quotation, but I’d say three hundred years ago, I believe it was a scientist in France that tried to take a ball and whirl it around the earth, or something or another… Might’ve been a hundred and fifty years ago… He whirled it around the earth and—with the speed, and he claims if any vehicle on earth would ever move the terrific speed of thirty miles an hour the grav—the gravitation would lose its hold, it’d go right off the earth. Now, that was scientifically proven in that day. You think any science would look back and say… to that? Certainly not. I see where they got a plane now, I forget, around five thousand miles an hour sometimes. And they don’t stop even at that, they keep going on, on. But we Christians, and we clergymen and ministers, we try to look back in our school and see what Mr.  Moody said about it, what Mr. Sankey said, or—or Finney, or Knox, or Calvin, or any of those. Now, they were great men in their day. But, see, we’re always looking back; let’s look forward. See? We got untapped resources.


71 Here three hundred years ago, a French scientist proved that if you’d go the terrific speed of thirty-five miles an hour, gravitation would take you off the earth. You think science would refer back to that today? They’re going nineteen hundred miles an hour and still going on. They’re pressing forward, looking forward. But we want to look back and see what Moody said; Sankey said; Finney said; Knox, Calvin; some of those. What they said was all right. That was for their age, but we’re going on.

72 My grandfather rode a ox cart. I’m driving a Ford V8. My son will fly a jet plane. That’s, we’re moving on. That’s what religion ought to be. The Coming of the Lord is at hand. The church ought to be moving on into their powers. Science can only climb so far and then it has to drop off, but we got untapped sources, that’s never been touched, of the power, unlimited, of God, that we ought to be moving into. We’re living a million miles under our privilege tonight, of privileges of Christians to be enjoying. I feel ashamed of myself when I look out here and see the institutions, and the sickness, and the troubles that’s going on right now. Our church ought to be walking the street, healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out devils, doing signs and wonders, making the whole world realize that Jesus Christ lives. That’s what we need to be doing.

When are we going to manifest those things. Let me challenge you. Refuse to live underprivileged.

Why don’t you live in line with the promises of the hour. I’m talking about the Rapture.

You start by speaking to the sickness in your body until you reach a place where you will say I’m tired of this world.

Your origin is before time. Your expression is not more reliable than your origin. You have to go back to eternity to know your origin.

And the strength to leave this dimension is connected to realising that your origin is with God.



92 A French scientist, three hundred years ago, scientifically proved science, modern. He proved that if a man would ever go the terrific speed of thirty miles an hour, gravitation would take him off the earth. You think science would ever refer back to that fellow? We’re going sixteen hundred miles per hour today and still moving on, ’cause science is eating off this tree of knowledge. And we are over here, the preachers… Oh, the knowledge will only run so far, then it falls backwards. But the Tree of Life has no end to It. We got untapped resources, and you’re scared to step out and take God at His Word. I don’t care if you want…

Do not be scared. Fear has no virtue. Faith is virtue. Fear is vanity. People are fearing the unknown. Stop fearing; start believing.


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