Pastor’s Desk

Brother Lawrence Tatenda Mutasa received the Lord Jesus Christ and got baptised at
Eastlea Tabernacle, Harare.

After his conversion he developed a burning desire to study and understand the message of the hour.

During that time he studied an unusual number of
Spoken Words while at the same time listening to the Tapes.
He later realised that God was preparing him for the work which was laying ahead. In
2009 he came to South Africa to study Law at the University of Venda where he started
preaching the Message of the hour in a place which was still virgin ground being aged
20 years.
Pastor Mutasa’s experiences with God and battles with territorial demon spirits have shaped his life
and ministry. His labours in Christ at the University and in different other places won
countless souls to the Lord and led to the birth of the End Time Message Ministry in
Thohoyandou. Bro Mutasa was ordained as Pastor of this local Assembly on February
25, 2017 after 9 years of preaching in this local area.
He is married to Sister Kholofelo and God has blessed them with two wonderful children
so far, Michael Tatenda and Hadassah Tariro Mutasa

His quest is exactly the same with that of Reverend William Branham:That one thing is to see established a true spiritual relationship between God and men,wherein men become new creations in Christ, filled with His Spirit and live according to His Word.

~An Exposition  Of The Seven Church Ages(10-A Resume Of The Ages) Rev.William Marrion Branham

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