The Canonicity Of The Silent Centuries (Part 1) pdf

Preacher: Pastor L.T. Mutasa
Scriptures: Revelation 22:17-19, 8:1; Acts 2:1
We had wonderful month end meetings, and “The End Time Ruth: From An
Incestuous Ancestry Into The House Of God’s Bread” was an emphasis on “The
Mystery Between The Sixth And Seventh Trumpets: The Calling And Sealing Of The
Eleventh Hour Gentile Workers.” On Friday, we were hearing from God speaking
on the subject “The Shepherd And Bishop Of Our Souls: But You Shall See Me.” It
was an expression of what God is saying to this generation. God has anointed us
with the eye salve of Revelation 3:21 so that we can be able to see the divine
things of God.

The devil anoints the world not to see God so that they can crucify Him. The Jews
crucified Him about 2000 years ago because they were blind and could not see
Him. Today the modern church is crucifying Him again. When you reject the Word
in your home, at work, and here at church, you are crucifying Jesus again. It is not
just the Pastor behind the pulpit speaking to us, but God.
The Cloud of glory that came down in 1963 is evidence that we are not alone
and God is directing us from the pulpit. Those that are fighting the Cloud of 1963
are people whose eyes are dimming, they are getting old in spiritual things. We
must therefore not take for granted every Word that the Lord is speaking to us,
but treasure It.

Our subject tonight is a little bit of a technical subject, that is, it has a lot of details.
Revelation 22:17-19 ~ We are living in an age wherein man is being tempted to
add to the Word of God. There is a pressure upon this generation for people to
add to or take away from the Word of God. Every age has its own spirit that
controls it and anyone who is not walking in the Light of their day are overtaken
by that spirit.

Every location and nation also has its own spirit and only those with the Holy Ghost
cannot be influenced by these national spirits. The Holy Spirit is a reward for
believing the Word of your day. Now we are in the end time and we are having
a global spirit, a Laodicean spirit. Satan has combined all his forces and is
attacking because he knows that his time is short. The lid of hell was opened
according to Revelation 9 and the same demonic spirits which were in Sodom
and in Noah’s time are upon the face of the earth controlling the people. The
same demons are putting pressure on men and women to add to or take away
from the Word. Everyone who is not under the Message of Malachi 4:5 is under
the influence of these demons. It is by grace that we are under the Message of
Malachi 4:5 and not a part of this rat race.

Canonicity means authenticity or validity. There are similarities in these three
different periods mentioned in the subject of our sermon tonight. There is a
connection between these silent centuries and the seventh Seal of Revelation 8:1.
(See Chart 1 at the end of this article.)

All that was in God was poured into Christ that is why He qualified to be the
Prophet of all prophets. All that was in Christ has now been poured into the church
in this dispensation of The Son of God, which is God in us, and also the Priesthood
dispensation. Son of David is when the King (Son of Man- masculine) will be
together with His Bride (Son of God- feminine).

These dispensations were there in shadow form until now when they have
become substance. Judges 17:6~ is set in the time before the dispensation of the
kings (Son of David) when there was no king in Israel. After Israel split into two, the
northern kingdom was later taken into captivity by the Assyrians while the
Southern kingdom of Judah went into Babylonian captivity for seventy years.

The Book of Ezra then comes in at the end of the Babylonian captivity, with the
first group of returnees in chapter 2 led by Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel, and the
second group in chapter 7 led by Ezra, the priest. Nehemiah led the third group
of returnees as we read in Nehemiah chapter 2. King Cyrus was prophesied of by
the prophet Isaiah about two hundred years before he came to bring down
Babylon and he consciously fulfilled the Scripture which spoke of him.

How authentic is the work that was done during the silent years, is it worthy of our
acceptance? This is the question being addressed by this Sermon. The first Greek
translation of the Bible was done by the Jews in the Diaspora during the time of
the Greek Empire when philosophers and great thinkers like Plato and Aristotle
arose. Acts 2:1-12 ~ This was now under the Roman Empire. The Jews that had
remained in the diaspora in Greece and other nations would come to Jerusalem
to observe the Lord’s feasts such as Passover and Pentecost.

The books of the apocrypha are not authentic because: 1. The Lord Jesus never
referred to them. 2. They did not appear in the ancient Hebrew cannons. 3. The
Apocrypha was written by Greek philosophers and thinkers (not men of God
moved by the Holy Spirit). 4. They are of inferior quality in comparison to the 66
Books of The Bible.

1 Corinthians 1:18 ~22 It is foolishness to them because they cannot see Him. The
preaching of the Cloud of 1963 is also foolishness to them because they cannot
see Him. God refuses to be understood by the wisdom of man. If He had done
that, the Greek philosophers and thinkers were going to be number one in
understanding God. The denominations miss God because He hides Himself in
simplicity and reveals Himself in the same.

Sign seekers do not go all the way. They gather for themselves teachers who
preach to them what their itching ears want to hear. That is why them modern
day prophets are manufacturing miracles because their congregations anoint
them to preach and teach what they want to hear.
Even in the Message of the Hour these things are creeping in. We see the kiss of
Orpah, Absalom, and Judas Iscariot. Kisses of betrayal. Absalom kissed his father
king David before leading an uprising against him and causing the people to
reject the king.

The Sadducees and Pharisees were denominations that came out of the 400
years of silence, which was also the time of the Grecian empire when Greek
philosophy flourished. That is why they would confront the Lord Jesus with
philosophical questions.

The apocrypha is a bunch of uninspired books and today after the departure of
Malachi 4, the End Time Moses-Joshua Commission, another apocrypha is being
written, people writing their own books on top of the Spoken Word. Even on the
internet, modern day preachers are writing their own books, millions of them. They
are not inspired of the Holy Ghost but of money and the love for women in the
time of silence when Malachi 4 is off the scene.

We must check and test everything by the Word in these silent years for another
apocrypha is being written. He said, a little while, the world seeth me no more,
but ye shall see Me. During these silent years, there is a people that God is
speaking to, like Manoah’s wife in the Book of Judges 13, Hannah in 1 Samuel 3.
It’s not every man that is holding the Spoken Word that believes It; it’s not every
man that holds the Spoken Word that is preaching It right; it’s not every Message
church that is striving for the Rapture. It is only the Message of Malachi 4 that we
must hold on to and not the teachings of the modern day Greek philosophers
and thinkers. The success of this ministry is when every individual is having a
relationship with God, knowing what they have believed.
The following are quotations from Brother Branham’s sermons to give further
insight on our subject.

122 “Oh!” Oh, how Satan hates that, because It exposes him.
Now, the carnal mind looks on, says, “Mind-reading, mental telepathy.” They don’t
know. It’s foolish to them.
But to those who know what It is, oh, what a blessing! What is it? A revelation. A
revelation of who? Of the man on the pulpit? Of Jesus Christ in this last church
age, revealing Himself like He promised He would do. See?
It’s a revelation, see, and Satan hates that. My, how he hates it! He’s exposed,
exposes his plan. Satan hates the Revelation and Genesis, I got wrote down here.
That is exactly true.
Now, why does he hate a revelation? Why is he so against revelation? Is because
that the entire canon of God’s Word and God’s Church is solemnly built upon
It’ll never be through a–a school, no matter how many fine seminaries we have.
They are way back in the dimmed age. The Bible and the Church is absolutely a

E-26 I said, “Pass him by.” I said, “Dear God, this man’s come by faith. In the Name
of Jesus Christ according to Your Word, I lay hands upon him.”
I said, “Bring the next one.” They started on by. I heard somebody screaming and
hollering. I looked; the old man had the board on his own shoulder waving it at
everybody, going along down through there packing his own board, going out.
Just simple child-like faith, that’s all.
Now, the Indians when they see this power of God moving, or down in Africa, over
in the islands, they don’t question it. We who’s got all the scholarships, we’re the
ones who question it. We know it all, you see? We’ve got it all explained out. We
know just what it is, what Doctor So-and-so said, and Doctor So-and-so said. But
listen. God wants us to believe His Word just like It’s written there.
“Whosoever shall add to or take away, the same shall be taken out of–his part of
the Book of Life.” See? So let’s just believe It the way It’s written.

We must believe It the way it is written. Like Samuel, the prophet of our day
(Malachi 4:5- William Branham) is not too old and though he be dead he still lives.


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