Prayer & Exhortation From An Unconscious State Of Mind Into What God Has Made Us In Christ pdf

Preacher: Pastor L.T. Mutasa
There is a God that changed the name of Jacob, there is a God that
gave him a new name. There is a God that gave a child to Sarah in an
old age. The same God is here tonight.
Whatever the enemy has decreed, God is able to turn it around for
Have faith in God. The pillar of fire is here. The Angel of God is
moving right now. He is looking into every heart. They that are willing
and obedient, He is determined to leave a blessing tonight.
May the Lord bless you Saints. We welcome you into the house of the
Lord and hope you are all under expectation to hear from Him. That
your heart is channelled to be a receiving tower of that which is
That is the purpose we come into the house of God. We are here to be
conditioned. We are here to be nourished. We are here to be serviced.
We are here to be aligned that we can be acceptable before God.
In our nature we stray, in this birth that we came through and the life
we came in, it’s given that we falter but He has given us the Holy
Spirit so that we can still keep the divinity of God and prove that we
are not of this world.
We are not only recognizing the Word but we are recognizing
ourselves in the Word. We are not only recognizing ourselves in the
Word but we are recognizing one another that we came from the same
World, we were together on the other side.
You have a reservation that when this earthly tabernacle is dissolved,
there is another body waiting, eternal in the heavens.
Remember, a man born of a woman is of a few days full of trouble but
you are born of a Man Child, the Lord Jesus Christ. Your birth is
connected to the coming of an Angel.
In this End Time, by the Shout of Malachi 4, from all corners of the
world, God has called a Bride and He is preparing that Bride and
giving her rapturing faith and translation grace.
I remember John the Baptist, he did not just come, his birth was
connected to the coming of an angel. Even our Lord Jesus, the angel
Gabriel came down and spoke the Word.
And for you tonight, 1963, the mighty Angel came down and put one
foot upon the sea and the other upon the earth. Your birth is
connected to the coming of an Angel. We are a special class of people
with prophetic insight.
I shall not call you Church. I will call you Bride. I will call you my
friends. “How can I hide from Abraham what I am about to do?”
Oh, brother, God is about to destroy the world. Gabriel
spoke, there was a performance, he came again and spoke,
there will be a performance!
Fear not little flock, nothing is going wrong. Who can question the
will of God, who can say no this is a hard way? God knows what He is
doing. Hold on, no matter your situation.
Everything is going to be alright. You may be in a tunnel as I speak,
but trust in the Lord.
Have faith in God. There is nothing that can happen to a believer
without God approving. When He says “No”, no man can say “Yes”,
and when He closes, no man can open.
Fear not, nothing is going out of cater. I challenge every believer
tonight. I’m saying there is no need to cry, no need to complain. There
is no need to worry. Michael is on the throne. Blessed be the name of
the Lord.
Gone are the days when we would give credit to Satan. When you
complain, you are worshiping Satan. When you worry, you are giving
credit to demons, but when you worship God, you are saying, “Satan
you are just working under the allowance of God, you are a creature of
time. You have a beginning and you shall have an end.”
There is no situation that has no ending. Don’t let the devil lie to you.
Your sickness has a beginning and an ending, your poverty has a
beginning and an ending. Everything that has a beginning has an
Enough is enough. I feel it in my soul, there shall be no robbery
tonight. You might have been robed before but not tonight.
The Exodus prophet came with the Message of deliverance,
howbeit you are living in bondage.
Listen to me carefully, these Egyptians you are seeing tonight, you
shall see them no more!
You don’t drink bear, you don’t live in prostitution, you don’t
backbite, you go to church and yet you are in bondage, wake up
All the shackles in your life, they are here to be broken! Family curses,
cycles in your lineage, He’s here to break all those things. You are
going to start a new generation under the Blood. You will be married,
you will get a job, you will not remain poor!
You must say the right words. Like Esther, say the right words, the
King is here. Hattie Wright asked for the right thing. God is right here
to bless somebody. Amen. You worship Him. Thank You Lord.
We are not ordinary believers. We are no longer a mystery in the
wilderness, we are in the Promised Word. You must not live
underprivileged for this is the Promised Word.
We came out of denomination, passed through the wilderness into the
Promised Land. These Jebusites have no right in our land, they are
squatters, you can push them back tonight!
I feel like I can close the service now because the atmosphere is for
deliverance, nothing more, and nothing less.
This is not a denomination. He is not a predictable God. He does not
come to satisfy the programme in your head whereby you expect the
Pastor to stand and say one, two, three. He is a sovereign God. He
does what He requires.-
He is here for deliverance. He is here for a change. That’s right. Amen.
While we are standing, I am going to read a quotation, and then we
will to a close.
If ever you want to call It, this short service, will be FROM AN
I will be reading several different portions of that book. I believe it is
His will that you here these things.
64 He had faith, with His power. How did He? He said, “I can do
nothing in Myself.” Why? He relied upon what He was; He relied in
knowing that He was the Word. And He had faith in God, Who made
Him the Word. He was God (the Word), and they was in Him, and
that give Him faith because He understood His position. He knowed
what He was, because the Scripture had said He was this. And here
every Scripture tied in, to prove that He was exactly what the
Scripture said He would be, and He knew what He was.
He said, “Search the Scriptures; for in them ye think ye have
eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.” – John 5
verse 39.
65 Therefore, He relied upon what God had made Him. And if He did
that, then can’t we rely upon what God made us as believers? “These
signs shall follow them that believe!” He had faith in what He
was. And if you are a believer, you have faith in what you are: you
are a believer! And if you’ve got faith in God, the Bible says over here
in… “If our—if our hearts condemn us, then we can’t have faith; but if
our hearts don’t condemn us, then we have
faith, we have confidence towards God.” If you want to read
that, found in Saint John 3:21. I got the Scripture written down
66 Now notice, Saint John…I mean First John 3:21. Notice.
…if our hearts condemn us not,
then we have confidence towards God.
67 But as long as you’re doing things that’s wrong, you can’t have
confidence towards God. So, you see, you can…you’ll automatically
know that you’re wrong. You automatically put yourself back there a
sinner, by knowing that you’re wrong. But when your heart don’t
condemn you, and you know you are a believer, and there’s nothing
between you and God, you can ask what you will and know that it’ll
be given, because it’s the Word that’s given to you just like it was to
9those disciples.
68 Now, the only thing you have to do then, is have faith in what you
are. Have faith in what the Word says you are! And Jesus had faith
in the Word of God, that said what He was, “It is written of
Me.” Didn’t David, in the Psalms; and the prophets, and all of them
speak of Him? “I am the Bread of Life that come from God out of
Heaven.” Amen! “I am that Tree of Life from the garden of Eden. I
am all these things, I AM THAT I AM.” And He knew with that
Perfect Faith, that He was the anointed Messiah, that the Spirit of
God was upon Him. He said, “Now, I, in Myself, do nothing; but it’s
My faith in God.” And God was in Him, the Word made
7manifest. And when the Word of God comes in you, It’s made
manifest, for you are a believer. See? And a believer is “the faith of
God that moves in you.”
69 You like that? I—I—I like when you…I like teaching of where
the…how to…what faith really is.
70 Knowing Who He was, without a shadow of doubt, He knew He
was the Son of God. He knew it, for the Word identified. The Word of
God identified Who He was. He said, “If I do not the works of My
Father, then don’t believe Me; but if—if I don’t do them works, don’t
believe Me. But if I do, then believe the works, for they are the
manifested Word promised.” Oh, if you could just wake up to that, a
minute! You see, the Word Itself identified Him, Who He was. And
He said, “Who can condemn Me of sin?” In other words, “Who can
show Me that My life and My works don’t fulfill exactly what
Messiah should do?” Nobody could say nothing; for He was. Then He
had faith to believe, then; of whatever He said, it would happen.
74 For the Word identified, identified Himself, what
He was; and the same Word identifies us. See?
Some they see It. Others like It. Some they look at It but they can’t
catch It. This is not the hour for us to be talking and singing about It.
This is the time to possess the substance of what we believe.
I am trying to encourage you tonight to push the enemy back. I am
trying to encourage you that you can live in peace with your husband,
you can live in peace with your children, you can live in peace in your
work life. Am I having witnesses here? People that are ready to take
His blood was not shed in vain. It was not in vain that He cried, “It’s
finished! It’s finished!”
It was not in vain. Jesus did not die in vain. We must have heirs.
There must be heirs. People that want to take over.
I want my mountain. Satan must know that I’m identified with the
I’m not here reading about William Branham. I’m here to read about
myself. William Branham knew that He was Isaac, an heir of all
things, he knew he was Abraham, the friend of God, he knew he was
Joshua to take the people in, he knew he was Moses to take the people
out, he knew he was Eliezer to choose a faithful Bride.
He knew he was all these people. What about you? Can you see
yourself in the Bible?
God is not happy to see you worried, to see you confused. Don’t let the
devil lie to you, you have a heritage.
Too much has been preached for you to remain the same.
The Spirit of God wants to dwell in you. You are His temple, you are
His Tabernacle.


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