September Sermons

Negligence Of Prayer Life(Part 3)Brother.Diyoka29/09/2019Video
The Consequences Of Negligence (Part 2)Brother.Diyoka29/09/2019Video
The Consequences Of Negligence (Part 1)Brother.Diyoka27/09/2019Video
Greater Opportunities: Identifying Our Present Character By Some Bible CharacterPastor.Mutasa24/09/2019Video
From The Golden Calf Scheme To The Depths Of Satan.Pastor.Mutasa22/09/2019Video
Prayer & Exhortation From An Unconscious State Of Mind Into What God Has Made Us In ChristPastor.Mutasa20/09/2019Video
The End Time Bride: A People That Are Consciously Living Under The Risen SonBrother.Fredy17/09/2019Video
The Golden Calf Scheme: Jeroboam The Ephrathite, The Son Of Nebat & ZeruahPastor.Mutasa15/09/2019Video
Perfect LoveBrother.Maanda13/09/2019Video
God Has A Provided Way For EverythingBrother.Moutlana10/09/2019Video
Suffered, Not Commanded: It Was Not So From The BeginningPastor.Mutasa08/09/2019Video
Faith: The Power Of Praise, Worship And Thanks GivingBrother.Abel03/09/2019Video
The Ever Remembering God Remembers Every Promise Of His Word.Pastor.Mutasa01/09/2019Video
Jeroboam The Ephrathite, The Son Of Nebat & Zeruah: Ye Worship, What Ye Know NotPastor.Mutasa01/09/2019Video