The Canonicity Of The Silent Centuries (Part 3) pdf

Preacher: Pastor L.T. Mutasa
Scriptures: 1 Timothy 1:15, 4:9; Deuteronomy 31:16-29; John 4:7-24;
Mathew 10:5-6; Luke 17:15-18; 2 Kings 17:18-33.

1st Timothy 4:9“This is a faithful saying and worthy of all
acceptation,” gives the best description of the word ‘canonicity.’
I like the precision of the historical, Biblical accounts of the 400 years of
silence before God raised up Moses as a deliverer for His people and the
400 hundred years of silence between the Old Testament and The New
Testament. In both instances, there was no prophet during the period of
Brother Branham took us out of the world and denominations under the
commission like unto Moses and by the Joshua commission, he took us
into our promised land, the Message of the hour.
Deuteronomy 31:16-29 ~ After the departure of Moses, the people of
Israel went into idolatry and this is paralleled with what is happening today
while Brother Branham is resting.
The spirit of back biting has plagued message believers as they criticize and
talk about denominations. You must not look at the speck in another
person’s eye whilst ignoring the log in your own eye.
We need to look at these silent years because there may be some amongst
us who are living in these years of silence, without a prophet in their lives,
without the King in their souls, writing their own apocryphas with
philosophies from the dark pits of hell.
John 4:22 is the text for the main heading of the subject today.
In Luke 17:22 ~ The Lord Jesus identified the Samaritans as strangers.
Every believer who has the Spirit of Christ must be able to identify the
Samaritans in their day.
Ezra 4 ~ is when the Jews were starting to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.
Samuel was seeing the King (God) when the people cried for him to anoint
a king for them that they may be like the other nations.
People find wrong in order for them to find an excuse to do wrong.
Samuel was still God’s prophet though he was old and his children were
doing wrong.
Today people say the prophet lived in a day when there was no internet,
they look at a heap of ministers in the Message that have fallen and then
they find fault in the Message like the Israelites who found fault saying
Samuel had become old and that his children were doing evil.
When a person wants to leave the Word, they criticize William Branham
and then they will also attack Message Churches. They want a king to be
like the denominations.
It was in the days of the judges when there was no king that the Israelites
cried for a king and God said they were not rejecting Samuel but Him as
their King.
Israel were then given Saul as their king but Samuel told them of the
negative consequences which they ignored. What you plant is what you will
People relax in the time of planting forgetting that the time for reaping will
come. Our words are seeds, and so are our actions and lives, they are seeds.
We must therefore be careful what we say.
Marriage will not change a person’s nature. What you are as a single young
man or woman is what you will be in marriage.
Before Israel went into captivity, they had a civil war which split the nation
into two divisions and captivity then followed. When the church is not
united, demons of lust, competition, jealous and others will take over the
Ezra 4:1-4 ~ The Bible calls the people who were against the rebuilding of
the temple adversaries. These people were actually Samaritans.
Not every gift is from God and we must discern the source of every gift
before accepting it. You do not need to pay for a gift from God, like a job
and a driver’s licence. A licence you get through bribery will lead you into
an accident.
You cannot wait for school teachers to teach your children about puberty.
It is your duty to teach them so that they do not get trapped by the wicked
When you say no and someone gets angry, it means they were not being
genuine in whatever they were saying.
2 Kings 17:21-33 explains why the people who came to Zerrubbabel in
Ezra 4 were adversaries. It also defines who the Samaritans were. These
were people that were trained to fear God, they were not born in the Land.
There are people who are trained to be religious yet inside they are
hypocrites, fornicators, and adulterers.
We need to be able to discern. Even a young man who is about to marry
must have discernment otherwise he will marry a Samaritan.
You still keep your gods of your old nature, your temper and all, yet you
claim to be a child of God. You are a Samaritan.
The Samaritans were a product of the remnant Jews who remained in
Samaria after the Assyrian captivity and the people who came from outside.
These Jews started to intermarry with these people who were worshipping
their own gods.
They were also not going to worship at Jerusalem, where God’s temple
was and they had their excuses but the real Jews knew that these
Samaritans were hypocrites. Their religion was only based on the
Pentateuch, the first five books of the Old Testament and they rejected the
rest of the prophets.
While Brother Branham is resting corruption sets in as it did amongst the
Jews after Moses fell asleep.
People have their own different absolutes and do as they see fit in their
own eyes. When they are not happy with one Message church, they will
move to the next one and will find solace there because it has its own
absolute. There but one absolute and It is the Message of Malachi 4.
62-1230M – Absolute
237 Each one has their own absolute. Oh, my! It’s just like it was in the days of judges,
“Every man done what was right in his own sight.” In the days of judges, every man had
his own—his own absolute. He did just what he wanted to do. And that’s the way it is
now. “Every man done right in his own sight.” Now, you know the reason they did that
in Judges? This might shock just a little bit. But the reason they did it in Judges, because
they had no prophet in them days, for the Word of the Lord to come to. So every man
could do what he wanted to, in his own sight.
238 And that’s exactly what’s happened today. We don’t have the prophet in these days
of denominations, but God promised us one. See? See? And He did. In the last days,
He would rise up and send Elijah back on the scene again, “And he would turn the
hearts of the children back to the Faith of the fathers,” back to the original
Pentecost. You know He said that.
63-0127 – An Absolute
141 Now, we’ve got to have an absolute, and He is that Absolute. And He and His
Word are the same. We can’t separate them. Yes.
142 If the red light was out, we’d have a traffic jam, oh, my, a bad one, too. There must
be an absolute.
143 And so, you know, it’s got so today, though, the trouble of it is, is what’s got in this
great big traffic jam we’ve got into. It’s kind of a rude way to express it, but yet you
know what I’m trying to say.
144 Notice. The reason we’ve got into there is because that every one of us make our own
absolute. See? We have our own absolute. Each church has its absolute. Each group has
its own absolute. And they say, each one of them, said, “We are the Truth, the way. We
got It all. You ain’t got nothing to do with It. You’re in a minority. We, we’re the
greatest group.” And people do that. That’s…You oughtn’t to do that.
145 Until, it’s almost like it was, the days of Judges, where, “every man does in his own
sight what’s right.” See? He thinks, in his own sight, he does. But, they, you can’t do
that. There’s too many different ways. See? And there’s really only one Way, and Christ
is that Way. And Christ and His Word is the same thing. Now, see, you got to have
Something that we can come to and say, “This is It,” and It can be proven that It’s,
that’s what It is, see, Him.
63-0728 – Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed
121 He is the principal theme of the entire Bible. If you read the Bible, and don’t see
Christ in every verse of It, go back and read It again. See? If you can’t see Christ in
every verse of the Bible, then you read It again, because you’ve missed something. The
Bible is Christ. He is the Word. When you read, “In the beginning God created,” there
is Christ. See? Every…From that, to the “Amen” in Revelation, is every Word
testifying of Jesus Christ.
122 That’s why these added books that they call the Second Book of Daniel, and the—
the Book of the Maccabees, adds purgatory and stuff like that, see, it’s not spoke of in
the Scripture. See? It doesn’t theme up with the rest of It. There’s no place to place
purgatory in there. There is no place to place intersection of saints, and things. There is
no place in there for that. There is no place for a denomination. There is no place for—
for a creeds outside of the—of the Bible. See? So when you see those things, they—they
just don’t come into the picture. And that’s why people has added those, and got their—
their—their jigsaw puzzle all mixed up. See? They can’t make it right, “same yesterday,
today, and forever.”
54-0513 – The Mark Of The Beast
88 The only little book, of the Maccabees, that was added into This, which is not
inspired; the things that was put in This, or took out of This. This Bible is the only
One. The…It’s been recognized by the early founders, or any of the early church
historians, or any time of the Orthodox Jew, and never recognized nothing but this Bible
that we have today.
People write their own books, some do it in their minds intellectually, and
quote them resisting the Spoken Word of God when it is preached. They
criticise the Spoken Word forgetting that before they met with Malachi 4
they were nothing.
The Lord Jesus identified the Samaritans and told them they worshiped
what they knew not; Zerrubbabel and Jeshua identified the Samaritans and
told them they could not build the temple with them. We too at such a
time as this, must identify who the Samaritans are.
These are people that are not born in the Land. They have only the
religious aspect of the Message of the hour to cover what is hidden inside
them. They do not have the life of God but use religion to try and escape
from the wrath of God.
William Branham said even if God would take him to hell, he would still
worship Him. He was showing understanding that he was not just a
religious man.
Every individual has a responsibility to have a personal encounter and a
personal relationship with God.
You have no part to build with us if you are a Samaritan, coming to church
to please the Pastor.
Samaritans are people who do not see God. To them he is not a present
tense God. They do not have a foundation in what they have believed.
Not only men do the choosing when it comes to marriage for even sisters
have the power to say yes or no.
We must test the canonicity of everything that comes our way showing that
we are God’s elect and He has established us in our own land, the eternal
It takes only a real believer to identify another true believer. If you are a
fake believer you can only identify fake believers.
Ye worship what ye know not means you are worshipping what you
think is God but it is not God. All you want is for the Samaritan in you
to die. You must have a reality, know what you are worshipping.


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