Preacher: Pastor L.T. Mutasa

Scriptures: Genesis 11:1-8; Isaiah 14:12-14; 2 Kings 6:8-12; Luke 19:41&43, 21:28-34.



Shalom, shalom saints. We would like to greet you this wonderful moment in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, trusting we are all happy to be back in the house of the Lord and that we are all under expectation. We certainly appreciate the music ministry, their efforts and labours of love, the expression of their conviction in this type of ministry.


For we believe in such a time as this, we need one another more than ever and whatever God has called us unto, we need to stand there faithfully, knowing that whatever we do, we are doing it unto the Lord.

We are trusting God for the impossible in such a time as we are living. It’s a very fast world. The media, politics, religion, everything is fast, but we thank God that this Message is more current than tomorrow’s news, so it takes away all panic and uncertainty and produces divine certainty.

I want to thank the Lord so much for His leadership. The Bride is not alone, but God is guiding His Church.


God has a purpose for your life as an individual and before the Rapture, the world must know that there was a Bride of Christ who made herself ready.

I want to thank you all. Ever since we started with the services after the lockdown, we have had ten Tape services. We started with WHAT WENT YE OUT TO SEE? (59-1001) ­which is an expression of the spirit of Elijah that was sent in the First Advent of the Lord Jesus Christ and was not recognised.

Then we had ONE IN A MILLION (65-0424). We listened to COUNTDOWN (62-0209). We also listened to SPIRITUAL FOOD IN DUE SEASON (65-0718E). We listened to GOD’S PROVIDED WAY FOR THIS DAY (64-0206E). We listened to THE ONCOMING STORM (60-0229). We listened to GOD IS HIS OWN INTERPRETER (64-0209). Last week, we listened to THE HANDWRITING ON THE WALL (58-0309M). We also listened to WILL THE CHURCH GO BEFORE THE TRIBULATION (58-0309E).

The last and the tenth one was AND THEIR EYES WERE OPENED AND THEY KNEW HIM (57-0421E).

If you are a serious believer, you will agree with me that God has a language in all these sermons because they were sandwiched in between the preachings of different ministers and there was one Voice, the Voice of the Bishop of our souls, the Chief Shepherd.



Now, as I’m coming to consolidate all this I will be picking up quotations from the tapes that we have listened to so that you can see where I’m getting my influence from.


One of these days, that which you have believed will Rapture you out of here. There is a line that you must move upon in order to be successful. There are things that will take place in fulfilment of Scripture and it will take the grace of God and the opening of the eyes of our understanding to see the fulfilment.

The Rapture will take a people that take the Scripture of their day and quicken It. We have not handed you a religion, but the objective is that you may have a true spiritual relationship with God.


Modern events that are happening are not coincidental, but they are a fulfilment of the Scriptures. You don’t need to look back months ago, or look to the future, but you must see God in this present hour, Jesus now more than ever.

We must be able to see God in our day and I’m here to declare that this is your season. God is looking at you, what are you going to do with your situation? Are you going to remain complaining, a fornicator, an unbeliever?

God is His own Interpreter and He interprets His Word by fulfilling It. That’s why we can be able to see that there is an Oncoming Storm and they that went out to see Malachi 4, they are walking in God’s Provided Way For This Day. They have managed to interpret The Handwriting On The Wall and that Bride will not go through the tribulation. We are the people, we are the Rapture generation.


So when you talk about SPACE EXPLORATION IN AN HOUR OF A GLOBAL SIEGE, it’s a choice for you to see it, or not to see it. Politics is under a siege, religion is under a siege, economies are under a siege.

Now, when you talk about THE SCRAMBLE FOR MARS, I will explain what it is. We had the scramble for Africa, which was the invasion, division and colonisation of Africa by the Europeans, spanning from 1881 to 1914. The Europeans had a quest for national prestige and a desire for valuable things like minerals. They were also at war with each other for resources and they also had religious zeal to do missionary work in Africa.

Now, the scramble for Mars is people seeking to colonise another planet and it all started just as a story, but now we have it in reality such that as we speak, countries have embarked on unmanned, or robotic, missions to Mars.

Everybody in the scientific world is looking to Mars and, you must know, science is the highest form of thinking among natural men. We traced space exploration in the Bible to the time of Nimrod, whose exploits and ambitions were synonymous with those of Lucifer in Isaiah 14:12-14. We also saw the Babylonian empire in the book of Daniel.

So, the statement “to the stars” is something which started with Nimrod in Genesis. I’m going to show you what is it that is causing man to desire another planet and explore outer-space for extraterrestrial life, investing millions of dollars.

I’m just going to read the following quote to justify my subject. The Prophet spoke about space exploration. You can agree with me, when this generation rejected Malachi 4, there was a siege, a spiritual famine. It’s a sign that before the lockdown, the church world was already under a siege. The church was put under a denominational siege such that no Word could enter because Malachi 4 could not enter.


Siege – a military operation in which an enemy forces surround a town or building, cutting off essential supplies with the aim of compelling those inside to surrender.

Besiege – to put or to lay a siege,  that is, to surround with armed forces for the purpose of compelling to surrender, either by famine or violent attacks.

Sanctions – restrictions or suspension of economic or social, or commercial relations, or other areas such as transport and communications, or diplomatic relations, with a particular state, individuals or entity.

 Sanctions are used to divide and rule by bringing instability in a country. Imperialists may support rebels and carry out a military coup in a country. That’s the same tactic the devil uses, divide and rule. Imperialism is a devilish agenda. God made man and man made slaves. Nicolaitanism means “conquer the laity (church lay members)” and it’s a form of spiritual imperialism.



Now, that’s a very familiar little Scripture, but I’d like to ask this in this little group: What if this was the last night that would ever be on earth? Do you know before the—we close I got a message that I had here not long ago in California on “The Handwriting On The Wall,” and about the modern sputnik, if it’s in the Bible, and so forth, and what it means to this generation in the hour that we’re living. And I trust that the Lord will let me speak on that before going and leaving the meeting.



The sputnik was the first object to fly in low space orbit launched by the Russians on 4th October 1957, during the Cold War between Russia and the United States of America (USA).

Sputnik means “a fellow companion” or “travelling companion”. That sputnik moment caused the Space Race as the Americans were scared and believed that Russia (then called the USSR – Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) were spying (doing surveillance) on them.

Brother Branham was showing that this sputnik moment had a meaning to this generation. It was the beginning of space exploration as missile technology was advanced to rocket technology.  



13 Now, we’re at such a late hour and such a time, that there’s nothing in the world that counts outside of Christ. There isn’t a thing that you can put your hands on but what is—is natural and it will perish, but Christ the invisible One is the only thing that’s eternal, that we have tonight, is—is—is Christ. And we love Him.




10 It was upon my heart a few days ago, as I told Brother Neville, or sent word to him, by our Sister Wood, that I was going to speak this morning upon The Handwriting On The Wall. It was a message the Lord gave me on a train, coming back from California. But in the message, it was so stirring, and such a hour, until, leaving the people, finding the great things, even to this modern sputnik that you hear so much about, is revealed in God’s Word. And to see the hour that we’re living, we are surely at the end. And then to leave the people in that condition, and then without bringing another Message to follow it, to give the hopes of the Church, then it leaves the people kind of wondering, and makes them nervous.

11 So I thought I would wait till the next Sunday, coming back, and then I would speak on The Handwriting On The Wall, on Sunday morning. And then on Sunday night, speak on, “The Church rapturing before the Tribulation.” And then if these things are so close at hand, then the Rapture is closer than that is, if the Church goes in the Trib-…before the Tribulation. So, I’m sure you understand that It does.



Space Exploration in 1957 is what caused Brother Branham to preach The Handwriting On The Wall, showing us that the Handwriting is now in the sky. The Americans were scared and felt that they were under Russian surveillance.

In 2 Kings 6:8-12, Elisha was telling the king of Israel (Ahab) what the Syrian king would be planning in secret. The Bride is more current than tomorrow’s news. The Prophet told the Americans that the Russians were five years ahead of them, but the Americans sought for security in scientists, led by the German scientist Von Brown, who had worked under Hitler, forsaking the spiritual scientist William Marrion Branham, the prophet of God.



Then there is all this talk about the glossolalia — it is supposed to be the evidence of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, and people are thinking that we are in the midst of a great revival. The revival is over. America had her last chance in 1957. Now the tongues are God’s sign of impending disaster, even as they were when they appeared upon the wall at Belshazzar’s feast.



The Babylonian Empire was issued in with unknown tongues in Genesis 11 and it will also end with unknown tongues.

On Tuesday, 11 August 2020, Vladimir Putin introduced Russia’s Coronavirus vaccine called Sputnik V. That’s what took place in 1957 when the Russians proved they were ahead in the Space Age race. Then the Prophet cried out, “Watch Russia, king of the north,” in a time of Sputnik I. Now, they have come up with Sputnik V. It’s a psychological warfare as Russia is trying to prove they are ahead of every nation in scientific advancement.

They failed to recognise the prophet, Revelation 10:7, in 1957. But, this time around, they are failing to recognise the Bride, Revelation 10:8-11.

I will preach a sermon called The Mount Olives View for we are going back to the day of visitation, Mathew 19:41, when Christ wept over Jerusalem. Today, the Bride of Christ is having a view from the other side, we see Los Angeles sunk beneath the ocean and all the cities on every continent judged in a time when they are saying, “Peace and safety”. You and I cannot cry and sigh if we’re not having a view from the other side.

Today they have killed the Prophet and rejected the Master Astronaut and don’t want anything to do with the Bride. The day of visitation is turning into the day of God’s wrath.

I preached on DANIEL SERIES (PART 41) – SECURITY AND SENSUALITY ARE SAD PRESAGES OF APPROACHING RUIN (19-0319). It was the introduction to Daniel 5, showing the end of the Babylonian empire and the restoration of Jerusalem when king Cyrus made a decree for the rebuilding of the temple.

The judgment of Babylon is connected to the restoration of Jerusalem and the judgment of Sodom is connected to the change of body, the restoration and glorification of the Bride.

Luke 19:43 ~ was fulfilled in AD70; Luke 21:28 ~ was fulfilled in 1963; Luke 21:30 ~ was fulfilled in 1948; and Luke 21:34 ~ is speaking of 2020: Belshazzar’s feast when they are saying, “peace, peace”. They are despising the vessels of God, the Bride of Christ.



The Ephesian Age had presented to her the opportunity for God’s best, and for a while she prevailed, and then relaxed, and in that unguarded moment Satan planted the seed of complete ruination.



Watch out! There is relaxation just before destruction. In the 1957 sputnik moment, they failed to recognise the Prophet Elijah upon the land. Now, in another sputnik moment, they fail to recognise the Bride upon the land.

The scramble for Mars is a sign of the oncoming storm. It is the handwriting in the sky that one day this earth will burn. As the bride of Christ, we know what the enemy is planning.

The nations are getting indebted to the Vatican as the Pope has become the “saviour” of a globe under siege. Every country must bow down and beg for money from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) which are owned by Rome.

There is a Bride that’s seeing the handwriting on the wall and the oncoming storm, saying, “We will not enter into the tribulation.” The scientists can feel it and they need an answer about the oncoming storm, but it’s only the Bride which understands it all.

Like Abraham who cried for Lot in Sodom, the Bride is sighing and crying for the abominations upon the land. The world is judged and the only escape is the Rapture.


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