Ye Worship Ye Know Not What (part 5)pdf


Preacher: Pastor L.T. Mutasa

Scriptures: Deuteronomy 16:1; 1 Kings 11:26>>, 12:26-2>>; Exodus 32:4>>; John 4:7>>; 2 Kings 17:1>>; Ezra 4:1>>


We cannot over-emphasize that we are not worshiping a religious God,
He is a tangible God. If this is a religion, I would rather be a politician
and join EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) than come to church and
make it a religion. There are more benefits in politics than in coming to
church and make it a tradition.
There are so many witnesses in the Bible. If you approach God the same
way men and women in the Bible approached Him in your situation, God
will come on the scene. God is not a historical Figure, He is a God of
If you have given your life to the Message, you must not leave in
condemnation. Do not let satan robe you. Tell him he is a liar.
You have rights in the Kingdom of God to every blessing. We preach
against prosperity and all the denominational doctrines but we must be
possessors of the right things. We are above sin, demons cannot do what
they want in my family home, I kick them out.
Do not just condemn people without a possession. You must tell the
denominational people that you have the power and authority to help
you in everything that you have need of and that is why they must come
out of denomination.
Humility does not mean foolishness. Satan must know that humility
does not mean we can be pushed around by his demons.
When Jeroboam made the idols and caused the nation Israel to worship
them, this was something that started way back in the days of Moses
when the people made a golden calf and started worshiping it. The very
same spirit was upon Jeroboam.
The devil knows that as long as you are in the Word he is not a match for
you. The Word is our fortification. A weary soul gets strength from
having a drink in the Word of God not from the internet or philosophy.
If you claim to be a Christian and your life is outside of the Word, then
you are a liar. A true believer cannot exist outside of and without the
Word. The Word to a believer is like water to a fish.
Jeroboam was removing people from the influence of the Word. People
want reasonable things, they do not want the Word of God and that is
why they get deceived.
Jeroboam’s issue was reasonable, saying that Jerusalem was far for the
people to go and worship. They did not realize that he was a typical
Ephrathite, a man not content with the Word of God which decreed that
the sceptre would not depart from Judah.
The people did not realize that Jeroboam was having an agenda. You
must not just follow anyone but know how to discern the spirit behind
every action.
Some people come to church with their own agendas and not to hear the
Word. Others do things for attention.
Demons do not want to be worshiped that is why they obey when you
command them. They are deceived angels that cannot repent for they
cannot have access to God. Jeroboam deceived people the same way
Satan deceived the fallen angels.
We must therefore feel pity for demons rather than fear them.
People start a denomination around an experience, upon sensations like
Peter on mount transfiguration, when he saw the Son of Man glorified,
he thought of starting some denominations right there (Mathew 17:4).
God corrected Peter by ignoring him for his utterance that they should
build three tabernacles, one for Moses, the other for Elijah, and another
for the Lord Jesus. God ignored that and declared, “This is my
beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.”
The people accepted Jeroboam’s proposition of an alternative place and
form of worship because they did not know what they were worshiping.
Today idols are being worshiped in the Catholic, once-Protestant
churches, Pentecostal churches and some denominational Message
People are not going all the way, they are not praying through to get the
Holy Spirit. They are worshiping idols. It is one thing to take someone to
church and another thing to take them to Christ. Many people do not get
to meet with Christ.
If you are conscious of God’s presence you will quit all the nonsense. You
cannot fornicate, watch pornography, hold beer, or do anything filthy
because you know God is present. God is more real than our earthly
The reason why people worship in the wrong place is because they know
not what they are worshiping.
Yes, there may be five ways to go to Johannesburg, but there is only one
way to go to heaven. If we are fighting here we cannot be reconciled
there. It is either one will not make it or both parties will not make it.
Jeroboam led people in revolt as satan led the fallen angels in rebellion
against Michael.
The Word of God brings converts in its own crudeness and if a person
cannot come to Christ by the Word, then they are not the material that
God is looking for.
It was not Aaron who started the issue of the golden calf but the people.
Similarly, it was the people that called Jeroboam from Egypt.
You must not listen to Aaron, a type of a denominational preacher.
Denomination is not just the opposite of the Message, it is a person
without an experience with God. It means being dissatisfied in the
314 314 Amos never blamed the government. Did you notice him here,
when you read it when you go home? He never blamed the government,
he blamed the church for electing such a government. Hum!
315 You politicians, let me let that grind in you a while, here and across
the world, where it’ll go. The church elected such a thing as Jeroboam.
Wonder if you, we, haven’t done about the same thing? Let’s say it’s a
good government; government can’t build a house on a rock when the
people elect house on a sand. Can it? Don’t say, “Our government! Our
government!” It’s you, the nation. It’s the people. How can we…
316 Minister said to me, said, “Brother Branham,” said, “look. I know
you’re right in That. But,” said, “if I would preach That, my
denomination would kick me out, my people run me out of the church.”
Said, “I’ll never preach another sermon.”
I said, “Preach It, anyhow.” Yes, sir.
317 It’s God’s Word. You’re responsible. If you’re a prophet of God, true,
you’ll stay with the Word. If not, you’ll stay with your denomination.
Depends on where you’re from.
318 Look. No, sir. We cannot build, the government can’t build a house
upon a solid Rock when the people are voting for a house of pleasure on
sinking sands.
319 Look what we want. Let’s just take a minute now. I hope I don’t
wear you out. [Congregation says, “No.”—Ed.] But let’s look what we
want, just a minute. I can’t pass this comment, this note. Look what we
320 Look at our television. That’s what we want. We want some of
these comedians stand up there and turn all kind of dirty jokes, and we
stay home from prayer meeting on Wednesday night, or the preacher
let out early so that you can go and see it; some old filthy, dirty, five- or
six-times married, prostitute, cracking dirty jokes, sexy-dressed, and
carrying on like everything. And you love that better than you love the
house of God, it shows what kind of spirit is in you.
321 We permit. We, the people, if the people of this nation would write
letters to our government, say there would be a hundred million letters
fly into that government, “Stop them filthy programs,” they’d have to do
it. We are the people. But we, the people, want filthiness, so that’s what
we get.
322 Look at the radio program. Oh, my! Turned Rock Of Ages into a
twist. Uh-huh. Old Rugged Cross into swing, rock-and-roll by it. The
Old Rugged Cross, yeah, sure, on our radios, television. All the… Took
here, not long ago, them hoops, them little girls. Everything just as
immoral as they can get, that’s what we love.
323 What’s it sponsored by? Beer, whiskey, cigarettes, the money of
nation. What do they do? Take their tax money, that should go to the
government for taxes, and pay for the dirty filthy television programs
they put on.
324 The Pentecostals used to wouldn’t go to them dirty, filthy picture
shows when they had such plays. The devil put one on you, put the
television in your house.
325 The way of a true prophet is pretty hard, but let’s stay with the
Truth. Yes, sir.
Rehoboam was a hard man and he made things even worse for the
people than his father Solomon and the reason he did this is because the
ever remembering God had spoken to them in 1 Samuel 8 that, “11
And he said, This will be the manner of the king that shall
reign over you: He will take your sons, and appoint them for
himself, for his chariots, and to be his horsemen; and some
shall run before his chariots.”
When they started complaining saying Rehoboam must reduce the
burden that King Solomon had upon the people they were forgetting that
God had told them that is how the kings would be.
Today people have elected the prophets who tell them what their itching
ears want to hear. They have no right to blame the governments or
There must be a difference between the way the denominations play
their instruments and worship and the way the Bride Church do it.
The Pentecostals used to stop their children from going to watch
bioscopes (movies) and the devil brought the thing into their homes in
the form of a hellvision.
There are people who are born in the Message, that is, them that are
born of parents that are believers and those who come to church here but
they do not have an experience with God, they do not know Him.
Such people just wear long dresses but do not know what is right and
what is wrong. There is no Rapture for people who are just following
other people to church.
Hosea 10:5 ~ Bethaven means “house of vanity.” The people who enter
into idolatry have their names blotted out of the Book as the ever
remembering God did with the Ephrathites and Danites.
The calves that people are being made to worship is their body and their
spirit, the senses thereof. For many people, if they see, hear, imagine, or
reason it, that’s all. They do not go all the way. The place of worship,
Jerusalem, is the soul by faith and not the body or the spirit.
199 199 Now I want you to watch real close and read with me, for a
minute. Now here is something that maybe you never noticed in the—
the tribal calling. I told you, a while ago, to read Revelation 7. Read
with me, and watch those tribes. In Revelation 7, Dan and Ephraim is
missing and not numbered with them. Did you notice that? Joseph and
Levi were substituted in their place. Did you notice that? Dan and
Ephraim is not there. No, sir. But, Joseph and Levi were substituted in
the place of—of—of Dan and Ephraim.
200 Why? They…The ever-remembering God remembers every promise
of His Word. Oh, I’d like to preach on that. See? God don’t forget
nothing, though it looks like.
201 Like He told Moses. Israel had been down there, “four hundred
years.” But they had to go up that time. He told Abraham, “And his seed
would be sojourning in a strange land for four hundred years, then
He’d bring them out with a mighty hand.” But then He said to Moses, “I
have remembered My promise, and I’ve come down to make good what
I’ve said.”
202 God doesn’t forget. He doesn’t forget His curses, neither does He
forget His blessings. But, every promise that He made, He stays with it.
God keeps every promise, good or evil. Satan wants people to
worship according to senses of the flesh and the spirit but we are
not supposed to have confidence in the flesh or allow it to usurp
authority over the soul.
The soul is the control tower. You can be baptized by the Holy Ghost
every day in the flesh and go to hell because God chose the soul to
put his name. The soul is God’s chosen place of worship.
If you are in a denomination worshipping calves, come out and
enter into the Word.

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